NASA Releases 3.2 Gigapixel #GlobalSelfie


A month ago yesterday, NASA invited everyone on Earth to step outside, snap a “selfie” and share it via social media using #GlobalSelfie as the hashtag. The goal was to create a giant mosaic of the historical “Blue Marble” photograph, using said selfies — and yesterday, NASA released the final product.

With more than 36,000 individual photographs taken from the 50,000 images tagged with #GlobalSelfie, the result is nothing short of astounding. People from over 113 countries participated in the initiative, leading to a massive 3.2-gigapixel image that you can zoom through to scan through individual photos. If you participated in the #GlobalSelfie day, you might even find yourself if you dig hard enough.

To that end, we’ve embedded the GigaPan viewer above so you can browse the massive 3.2-gigapixel version to your heart’s content. If you’d like to download a larger version of the header mosaic, you can do so here.

(via BoingBoing)

  • Apoorva Donthi

    mind = blown^2

  • JonathonWatkins


  • Emerica

    Why the hell is Nasa wasting money on this when they could be supporting projects like the ice/isee3 recovery project. Something that could actually help students learn more in the future to have a brighter future. The image is cool. but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make a mosaic from a bunch of selfies. Priorities…..

  • jarmatic

    They can do more than one thing at a time. CTFO. NASA isn’t the name of one nerd in a warehouse building rockets.

  • Emerica

    No you’re right, it’s not just one nerd.
    Nasa is now the name of a bunch of nerds in a bunch of warehouses wasting your countries money on selfie mosaics.
    I’m sure it was a very educational project and provided excellent research data, or benefit to the goals of a current program.
    I’m chill man, but sometimes you just gotta be blunt and tell it like it is. Maybe they can sell a bunch of copies for everyone’s walls, recoup and then some, but at this point it seems like a waste of funds.

  • slyman

    has it crossed your mind that maybe this was done during free time?

  • slyman

    some qts in there

  • Emerica

    Sure, but then it crossed my mind that your still paying to host this image so people can view it, granted only a small version. You’d hope the Gigapan account is a free one or sponsored.
    Someone had to moderate the images to make sure the was no obscenities.
    Someone had to do the web work, copy, marketing, and mosaic work to make it all happen.
    This doesn’t appear at all to be a free time project. Give or a take a month of mixed peoples time at the company, plus some planning. Yes I’m blowing up a semi trivial matter a little but, think about this picture the next time Nasa needs funding.

  • German Sotomayor

    Your bluntness is well respected.

  • Chris

    It’s PR. Like it or not, PR is important. Furthermore, the “wasted money” spent on this project (which has been picked up by websites, blogs and news sources all over the world) is almost certainly a minuscule amount in comparison to funding a larger science/engineering based program. And, call my crazy, but I *like* the fact that a government agency like NASA can occasionally throw out a fun bit of flavour on occasion.

  • Sarpent

    It’s PR, and they need it just like any company, perhaps more, as it’s critical that people beyond you are aware that they exist and are capable of firing up our imaginations come budget time and election time. Cut them some slack. Their job is a lot bigger and harder than just steering rockets and whatever small sliver of their mission you perceive and approve of.