Tumblog Shares the Hilarious Text Convos Between Photojournalists & Photo Editors


The conversations that take place between photojournalists and their editors and/or writers can run the gamut between weird and hilarious. I’ve even had a few interesting ones myself, but never did I think to screencap them and share them as the creators behind the Tumblr Photo Editor Texts did.

Less than a week old, the site already has a collection of thirteen texts between photographers and their editors.





They’re pretty funny (and at times downright hilarious) regardless of whether or not you’re a photojournalist or photo editor. But if you are one of those, you’ll definitely get an extra little laugh out of them, if for no other reason than because you’ve probably been in similar situations.

Head on over to Photo Editor Texts for more examples and be sure to give them a follow so you don’t miss out on future updates.

Photo Editor Texts (via The Click)

  • Andy Austin

    “So I have to ask…
    Did you get photos of the thing before you broke it?”

    Yup, that sounds like something I would do.

  • Stefan Nilsson

    Me, being cynical as usual, always have problem believing SMS-images online.

  • Ying Wu

    same..especially when the blue bubbles in the same conversation are a different shade…

  • Heather West

    thats how Iphones are. They get a darker blue the newer the text. Though that doesn’t prove much.

  • matahari

    Hilarious is rather an overstatement.

  • roxics

    Honestly I don’t get any of them. They don’t even make any sense, let alone funny. But then I’m not a photo journalist so…

  • Lando

    Agreed, but as a former news videographer, not one of those surprised me the least. I’ve personally had about 80% of those conversations

  • bob cooley

    Kind of amusing. For a second or two. Hilarious? notsomuch.