Stephen Colbert Goes After Amazon and Its Ridiculous Photography Patent


Last week, we reported on the news that Amazon had actually patented the age-old practice of photographing things against a white background. This led to much ridicule from the photography community, but one of the big guys just got in on the well-deserved roast, and his name is Stephen Colbert.

Colbert — who, if you’re somehow unfamiliar, got his big break on The Daily Show, now hosts his own parody news show called The Colbert Report, and is set to succeed David Letterman as the host of CBS’s Late Show — went after Amazon in this four-minute segment from his May 14th episode:

The segment does a great job of highlighting the ridiculous culture of patents — “so if you have an idea, and you work hard, someday you too can get sued by someone who had a similar idea” — before diving right into how Amazon’s wordy description of a common practice is, not “bull s***,” but rather “male bovine fecal matter extruded on a longitudinal axis.”

Don’t worry though, Amazon’s gonna get what’s coming to them because Colbert filed a patent that goes even one step further than patenting a technique everyone uses always… he patented patenting things. Check out the video to see it all for yourself and we hope this helps start off your Friday on a fun note.

(via Photography Bay)

  • Moz

    Living under a monarchy here so can’t see it. :(

  • David Liang

    Can’t watch either…but good for Colbert!

  • Alan Klughammer

    Can’t watch and got kind of a rude place holder.
    That’s ok, I’m not much of a Colbert fan anyway.

  • JeffinEastYork

    Someone forgot to turn on the lights–or is that a patented activity.

  • Christopher O Driscoll

    glad someone else see’s how ridiculous it is

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    nice and black video. thumbs up Colbert

  • Tony B

    Male bovine excrement extruded on a longitudinal axis.

  • Joel Penner

    Living under a dominion, so can’t see it either. Despite the fact I’m only 50km from the USA. :(

  • Helvio Silva

    I cant believe in my eyes!!

  • Rob Elliott

    we can see it on the Comedy Network website Joel (we are also a Monarchy, Canada has it’s own Crown.. it just happens to be held by the same family as the UK ;) )

    Just with the date this aired was listed.

  • Rob Elliott

    So I went looking..

    So those of us in Canada you can view this on the Comedy Network.

    It aired on Wednesday. (third “story” after the first commercial break)

  • Dave Wilson

    AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!! Stupid friggen regional blockage!!!!!

  • Mario Liedtke

    I just try to get my patent for an very innovative idea, too:
    Just imagine how it would increase the ways you could creativly photograph if you would have a batterydriven highpower light that only shines just when the shutter opens? My idea is that it is synced to the camera and… Maybe I will call it Flashligt!

  • /CVP

    …which infringes upon my patented process of finding fault with imbeciles.

  • Brandon Martinez

    That’s your problem: you need to be 31 _miles_ away ;)

  • RonaldMcFuckingdonald

    Cant view the video? Try ZenMate. Free (for now) Chrome plugin where you can browse through an encrypted US node and various others.

  • RonaldMcFuckingdonald

    Google – ZenMate

  • Joel Penner

    Looked it up, we’re a constitutional monarchy. I thought we’d gotten rid of the monarchy when we removed the requirement to get permission to change the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

  • Rob Elliott

    Nope that is why the queen is on the money, Signs all laws, grants commissions, pardons and the Privy Council Exists. It’s why we have a Governor General, and Lieutenant Generals for all the provinces.

    We brought home the monarchy.. the Queen of Canada is not the Queen of England. (beyond it being the same person). Charles can Abdicate the British Crown but keep the Canadian or Vice Versa.

    Though I’m sure you aren’t the only one that doesn’t realize that.

  • Lois Bryan

    YAY!!!!!!! Good for Colbert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad someone with some clout is getting on the wagon!!!!!

  • Sri Ganesh.M

    Hope they Won’t Patent for Black and White !

  • RonT

    No, all the money would be in patenting colour!