Art Director Creates a Hilariously Dramatic Car Ad to Sell His Crappy Old Volvo

The great thing about creatives — be they photographers, filmmakers or, in this case, an art director who does a bit of both — is that they can capture even the most mundane of things in a dramatic and compelling manner. Case in point: art director Castor recently had to sell his crappy old 93′ Volvo 245GL.

The result is a hilarious masterpiece that is a testament to creative (and often made up) word choice and quality cinematography, hitting on all of the standard car commercial clichés without actually having anything to brag about.

Check out the video above to start your Tuesday off with a laugh, and then head over to Castor’s website by clicking here if you’d like to browse through his show reel or photography portfolio.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Vlad Dusil

    I lost it at “pop that pony’s face”.

    Nicely done.

  • TN

    “oblong chrome nipple with a 5 on it”


  • Robert Terwilliger

    I drive a 1993 Volvo 245 every day. I have driven 240,000 miles on the current one, I had 290,000 miles on the previous 245 (sold it), 540,000 on the 245 before that (sold it), and 330,000 miles on the 245 before that (wrecked).

    They may be old, but they certainly aren’t “crappy”. They are also excellent cars for photography excursions, with plenty of storage space, decent fuel economy, and rock solid reliability.

  • John Cruz

    These cars can easily go over 500k miles, thats why so many are still on the road. Hardly a “Crappy” car just because it’s old.

  • Federico Feroldi

    Did he sell the car in the end? How much did he gain?

  • Dario Toledo

    I would definitely buy it.

  • Wierdo Ian

    Sounds a bit like the british man with pubic hair in his head.

  • Jáco Herbst

    Jeez, and how old are you exactly, Methuselah? 110?

  • Robert Terwilliger

    Heh, I should add that I didn’t buy them all with zero miles of course. They were all bought used, with at least 100,000 miles on them.

    Besides the Swedish engineering and utilitarian design ethos, the key strength of the Volvo 240 (and most rear-wheel-drive Volvos) is that if you break a timing belt, you don’t blow up the engine. You just put on a new timing belt, and off you go. The engines will also tolerate being run low on oil, and significant overheating, before they are actually damaged.

  • Hope Enprae

    The haunted backseat is definitely the best selling point, imho

  • posesawkwardly

    Ha pretty great. Swedish perhaps? Castor’s got some talent, but could work on his english skills for paid work.

  • Syuaip

    soo many buzzwords… i’m so lost haha.. nice humor..

  • Justin Sheely

    5 dollars

  • Nicolas James Bates

    aside from the rust on the tailgate, that is one clean 244 wagon. and, as stated, far from “crappy.”

  • Nicolas James Bates

    it was a text-to-speech program.

  • Timothy Weaver

    How do you know it was a text-to-speech program? I have yet to encounter one that advanced.

  • Nicolas James Bates

    the strange intonations in the voice from time to time.

  • Mike

    mmmmm 21 year old Swede with a great rack for sale !!!

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    I’d buy it. Looks bad ass and had plenty of space to spare.

  • Trista Crass

    Crappy? No. That’s a shaggin’ wagon.

  • lyone

    That pony’s worth at least $1500. Easy.

  • louiserobbins

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  • Mikael

    No, that’s the accent from Skåne, south of Sweden.

  • Mark Penrice

    “Crappy”? You obviously haven’t been witness to the sheer majesty of the 240 series…

  • Mark Penrice

    …are you the guy trying to sell the car in the video by any chance? :D

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    Strange? No, it’s just a Swedish accent.

  • Ace Rimmer


  • Sonny Koo

    cost of this ad is more than the car :)

  • Nicolas James Bates

    regardless of accent, the intonations just sound robotic to me in some places. either way, not arguing.

    i recently watched a video on youtube that had a computerized british man, but you don’t catch it for a min.