Facebook Clears Terry Richardson’s Name, He Did Not Offer a Photo Shoot for Sex


Last week, Terry Richardson found himself at the center of yet another controversy when model Emma Appleton tweeted a screenshot that showed a crude message allegedly from Richardson himself. Whoever sent that message offered to exchange a Vogue shoot for sex, but it turns out that person wasn’t Terry Richardson.

Revealed first by ‘forensic expert’ Theo Yedinsky, who Richardson hired to clear his name, Yedinsky’s findings have been confirmed by Facebook: the person who sent that message was not Terry Richardson, and that account has been taken down.


This development isn’t likely to change most people’s opinion about Richardson overall, but it certainly does clear his name in this instance.

That being said, the damage to his reputation is already done. As we reported in the original article, the Communications Director for Vogue US told BuzzFeed that the publication hadn’t worked with Richardson since 2010, and had “no plans to work with him in the future.”

(via Complex)

  • MMielech

    Better charge that battery soon.

  • Tobias W.


  • jaakewilson

    still a douche

  • CoffeeWithChris

    So now maybe we can avoid more hate mongering gossip in the future? I know we all love to hate people like Richardson but is it really right to spread unconfirmed gossip?

  • Mark Dub

    so he used a fake account.. smart guy :)

  • Jake

    Glad that his name was cleared in this particular instance, but if his career as a photographer were to end abruptly forever, I don’t think we’d be missing anything.

  • Norshan Nusi

    That being said?

    Are your Chris from The Camera Store? O_o

  • Tom Waugh

    . .. and the faker had access to the model’s mobile phone number to be able to text her?

  • Dani Riot

    Unfortunately we live in a world filled with people who will do this kind of thing…

    I heard an interview with one of the defectives on the big pedophilia case in the UK at the moment, who calmed the biggest hurdle they have is separating real victims from those who have just made stuff up to get attention.

    It makes finding the real truth so much more difficult.

    I reserve my judgement on Richardson until that day when we can get some sort of a real and verified criminal account.

  • Rob Elliott

    I’m glad the truth came out.. even if I wish he’d get caught red handed and be black listed fully.

  • Andrew Iverson

    While not really a fan of his, i so called this when it first came out. The sad thing is that this just undermines the real ones.

  • Panchoskywalker


  • sean lancaster

    I am not a court of law, just part of public opinion. And, given the previous episode(s) my thinking is along the lines of, “where there is smoke, there is fire.”


    It looks like it’s a private message not a sms text message.

  • Mark Dub

    Yup.. it’s an Facebook message :)


    I agree don’t comment on gossip…Imagine if this NBA team owner proves the audio files are faked.

  • Chris L

    I still haven’t worked out what the blotted out word is. It must have been really bad for it to be petapixelated in case it corrupts us

  • Ian Grant

    Is that a lawsuit against that girl I’m smelling? Yea, that’s it.

  • James

    Assuming that the other accusations where legitimate and this was the only instance of wrongfully calling a man typecast as a pervert a pervert.

  • OtterMatt

    They’re not faked, they’re illegally obtained.
    And anyway, Terry Richardson IS a douchebag. I have no problem with getting him blackballed from the entire photography community.

  • n1ck0las

    I’m curious as to why you/others say he’s a douchebag. It’s an honest question, I’m not trolling. I’ve personally had a difficult time differentiating between facts and gossip/rumors.

  • OtterMatt

    How many rumors like this pop up about decent people? Maybe one or two, and that’s if someone thinks they can blackmail the subject into a favor or money.
    This guy’s been featured as a scuzball scores—if not hundreds—of times over. As the OP said, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and this guy is a three-alarm douchebag.

  • Edgar Allan Bro


  • Edgar Allan Bro

    In other words… ‘i read unsubstantiated rumors on the internet and so it must totally be true’