Kid Gets Kicked in the Head Trying to Take a Selfie Too Close to a Moving Train

YouTube user Jared Michael learned a valuable lesson recently when he attempted to take a selfie too close to a moving freight train and received a kick to the head as a reward.

The story begins with an attempted selfie video and ends with what looks to be a railroad engineer delivering a kick to the young man’s head. Whether or not this was done on purpose is anybody’s guess, but Michael learned a valuable lesson about taking photos near moving trains “for fun.”


As Michael put it in the video’s description:

I tried to take a selfie while a train passed a “safe” distance behind. I guess I was still too close and got kicked in the head. I messed up.

We’d say so, kid. Just be thankful it was only a boot you took to the dome.

(via Laughing Squid)

P.S. As one of our astute commenters on Facebook pointed out, the conductor’s kick might have actually saved the young man’s life. The boot appears to be knocking Michael’s head out of the way of a big metal piece. Here a link to the photo evidence.

  • OtterMatt

    Oh man, I’m practically crying from laughing over here. It’s beautiful, all the way around. Not only is this a perfectly executed street-justice-style method for dealing with stupid kids hanging around dangerous spots, but he got one of the best selfies I’ve ever seen! Everyone wins!

  • Aleksandar Hristov

    And still..all he cared about is if he got it on film.

  • BT

    Stupid to stand so close to a moving train, no doubt, but it seems to me that the boot to head could just as well have sent him under or into the train.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Perhaps that was the idea? =D

  • @JacksonCheese


  • Nick

    He’s not getting kicker per se. You see that chunk of metal by the conductors ankle, he has his foot there to protect the kid from getting his head ripped off.

  • MJ Coffey

    What an idiot.

  • Kevin Pu

    Selfie by a moving train?! Serves him right. Should’ve been a steel toe boot

  • Paige Graham

    Moron got lucky, a girl died photographing skydivers a few years ago when one wasn’t paying attention and kicked her head coming in to land. Snapped her neck and she died instantly. This kid should really be thanking his lucky stars.

  • Burnin Biomass

    I hope that engineers foot is ok… I think it hit something REALLY thick there.

  • Qrious

    Why should it have been a steel toe boot? To inflict more damage? So, this wasn’t punishment enough for a stupid decision? How many stupid things have you done in your life? Why not just kill him? That’ll guarantee he won’t make any more stupid mistakes? That’d be enough?

  • Bonak

    Relax. Don’t over think it.

  • LeBeaver

    It probably was a steel toe. In our line of work, we have to wear them – I’m sure engineers and anyone working in the yard have to, also. And by looking at toe, it looks similar to mine.

  • Qrious

    I could be over thinking it. You’re right. Just one of those days when I think the whole world’s just a bit too damn mean.

  • jimmy d

    I laughed so hard at this, my eyes sprung a leak. what a dumbass. you got what you deserved

  • Jonathan Pino

    Dude totally saved his head….definitely a metal rod sticking out…foot is softer then metal haha I would be saying thank you if I was him..

  • Mike

    It’s not the whole world being a bit to mean, its people being way to god damned stupid.

  • Eden Wong

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Kudos to the Engineer, I’d like to buy you a beer, sir!

  • James Devine

    Reminds me of ‘Boot to the head’

  • dwarrenku

    That’s a Peru Rail train. If you look at the standalone photos of Peru Rail trains, there’s no piece of metal there. That kid was getting kick because he was too close, not because it was a life saving moment.

  • bossturbo

    You did not get that on “film” unless you have an extra hipster phone.

  • Chris D Johnson

    I wish this happened to everybody who took a selfie

  • diversal

    pics or it never happened!!!

  • beatdown

    I call fake.

    Taping a selfie… video? Seems legit.
    Also, the guy’s reaction. “I just got kicked in the head”? How about swearing, no?

    Cue Jimmy Kimmel in 5, 4, 3…

  • R.S.

    He should have left natural selection take its course… Nothing like a moving train to weed out the stupids.

  • R.S.

    As a train engineer it probably was steel toed.

  • Ovidiu

    This is such a gamechanger for selfies.

  • Markz

    can’t speak for that train but my father worked on a lot of industrial trains (mostly grain trains) and various urban and light rail and we spent a lot of time in the workshops and him telling us about the various engines – that looks like a front footplate (used to climb up on to/down from the front footboard) was about to give him first class concussion … and what direction he would fall from there would have been anybody’s guess. Better a kick to the head than skull ripped open or a decapitation

    you don’t mess with trains, they can’t dodge you and even at low speeds their weight means they have no give, just almost unstoppable momentum.
    Even a single carriage tram weighs about in about 25+ tonnes and I’ve seen a twincab Hilux ripped open like an axe through a can of spam and spread along a half a kilometre of track when the driver thought it could could sneak across a tram crossing Damage to the tram… minimal, more time for the driver in paper work and meetings than the workshop took to get it back on the track.

  • Patrick Cameron

    Not necessarily this crew, but too many train operators have to witness suicides and accidents at some point in their career. I’m sure it’s a constant fear for any crew, and I’m not surprised that he would panic and try to kick this guy away from the train. Even if they didn’t think he was going to kill himself, just out of anger at people being careless and stupid around trains and causing them stress.

  • Mantis

    I would love to see this shot with a 300fps video camera.

  • beatdown by a dumbass

    yeah, cause shock wouldnt cause you to say “I just got kicked in the head” instead of swearing. as if he didnt instantly recognize just how lucky he was to be alive.

    fake? your brain is fake i see.

  • replier

    actually @dwarrenku, if you look at this frame you will see that, while the train has the same colors, it is not identical to the model you posted. I do believe the kick was an attempt to save him from worse damage.

  • louise

    Totally believe that the kick saved his life. My father has been with Union Pacific my whole life and if he was close enough to get kicked, he was way too close. He could have easily been caught and pulled under. Especially with his backpack. He is super lucky that the engineer was on the alert.

  • louise

    It was. Regulations require it, at least with UP they do so I assume it is the same with others.