Detailed Specs for the Pentax 645z Leaked 24 Hours Ahead of Official Announcement


The rumor sites are hard at work when it comes to Pentax’s soon-to-be-released medium format shooter, the 645z, and it looks like it paid off. In addition to the leaked photos and details from yesterday, we now have a comprehensive spec list that contains some very interesting tidbits indeed.

Both Digicame-info and Photo Rumors have published these specs and they seems to have been ORIGINALLY leaked by Ricoh Germany, although they’ve since been taken down.

Before we dive into the leaked specs, first, a clarification: the camera won’t be able to shoot 4K video in the traditional sense as previously rumored, it’s going to feature the a ‘4K interval mode’ (same as the K3?). That’s very different from actually shooting 4K video; if you’re still interested in that, hold out for the new Leica S.


Alright, now that we have the disappointing stuff out of the way, we get to the fun stuff, the actual specs. We’re including a short list of the most pertinent ones below:

  • 51.4-megapixel 32.8 x 43.8mm Sony CMOS sensor
  • ISO 100 – 204,800
  • PRIME III image processor
  • 4K interval shooting: 2-2000 frame with one or more second intervals
  • SAFOX11 AF system: 27 point (25 cross type), LW -3 to +18
  • 3.2-inch 1.037M-dot tiltable LCD
  • TTL metering with 86k RGB sensor
  • Live View capable
  • Focus peaking

And here are the rest of those leaked images from yesterday:




You can get a full, detailed list of specs by heading over to PhotoRumors or, if you’re patient enough, waiting until tomorrow when the camera will supposedly be announced to the public at large.

(via sonyalpharumors)

  • Jeremiah True

    Full frame and mirrorless are not different technologies. Full frame is a sensor size, mirrorless is a design and build format that eliminates the pentaprism and optical viewfinder in place of a back screen or EVF.

    As for why Pentax might not pursue a FF market, if they have been making lenses for crop sensor cameras, those lenses don’t play nice with full frame bodies. The lenses have to sit closer to the sensor to get the same field of view on equivalent focal lengths, especially shorter lenses, which puts them in the path of the mirror. Also, the image circles for these lenses is smaller and may not fully cover a full frame sensor.

    They can adapt the lenses they had for medium format from before with updated optics to be used with a digital MF camera and I would assume that the old lenses could be still used with this camera as well without looking at a full spec sheet, I have no idea though.

  • Matt

    I have a 5 D II and it is a little soft at 100% viewing. Nothing wrong with technique IMO. Compare to my Sigma Merrill even hand held, the 5 D II is lacking.

  • Matt

    Ya, it was all over the map actually. Each manufacture had a slightly different dimensions… The sizes were ment to be classes of size, not exact measurements.

  • Photos4u2c

    That’s because your Merrill only has 15.4 megapixels. The lower pixel density masks imperfections caused by less than perfect optics and/or any camera movement during exposure.

  • Mr Hogwallop

    Car engines are still measure in horsepower so it follows the same logic that people are hung up comparing obsolete film sizes to sensor sizes. Full frame, APS are just imaginary yardsticks today.

  • Neato!

    It fits in between “real” MF and a 35mm. If this is the cost difference between $3000 SLR and a $20,000-40,000 DigiMF, I’ll take this “fake” MF.
    The only problem I see will be what lenses Pentax will offer.

  • RichardB

    Canon is probably the largest type of its company in the world. Why do Canon users get so defensive when the subject of a now well-financed (thanks to Ricoh) Pentax comes up?

    Canikon are spending a fortune building new factories to convince people to upgrade from the world’s dominant sensor format (APSC) when Pentax is sticking with the foregone conclusion winner AND with the world’s best SLR lenses, the Limiteds.

    The 645DZ is a major upgrade from APSC and enough of a distance to make sense. Lots of in-between formats and lenses are expensive to manufacture and maintain. Occam’s Razor dictates the simplest strategy is the best.

    SD rather than CF, and USB rather than Ethernet are other examples of sticking with the winners.

  • Jason Audi

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  • Jason Audi

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  • Jason Audi

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  • Oj0

    I don’t know what you’re trying to sell me on? I’m am a Canon user, but I closely follow and appreciate what Pentax and Nikon do. I’ve got little to no brand loyalty.

  • Andrew Munster

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    ‘ and consider that it is you STOP Trolling.

  • Ted Levine

    Best answer on the thread – thanks man!

  • William Zhang

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  • William Zhang

    Yeah I will say no to yo mama next time!

  • Matt

    No, not even close. The Merrill has way more detail. You really need to use one and find out what you are missing. Otherwise you are just rationalizing your own gear.

  • Andrew Munster

    I never used the “mythical” term Full Frame because it is a marketing term and really not a proper photographic term. If you want to be technical full frame is 35 mm and was not the biggest frame size of 135 flim it was the 60mm wide frame. Which means the idea of full frame is base on a mistake in the first place..