Stunning Photos of 8 Million Flower Petals Raining Down on a Costa Rican Village

Nick Meek Sony Bravia River

When your day involves eight million flower petals, you either have a VERY upset significant other, are St. Valentine himself, or you’re doing a photo shoot for a set of Sony 4K Television ads. Fortunately for photographer Nick Meek, it was the last of those that led to these spectacular shots.

The photo shoot took place over the course of two weeks in a tropical village in Costa Rica, where Meek and filmmaker Jaron Albertin were allowed to unleash a flower petal hurricane of sorts. Flooding the village with almost 3.5 tons of flora, they created a literal flower petal eruption (helped out a bit by some wind machines) that required almost no digital manipulation to look this good.

Here’s the ad:

Forget making the colors pop in post… when you’re working with 8 million flower petals erupting out of a local volcano, you can tell Photoshop to shove it. Oh, and in case you’re wondering how this could have taken two weeks, the answer is ‘prep work.’

Believe it or not, all of the petals were plucked by hand by the creative team and the village inhabitants. Now that you’re sufficiently awed, here are a few more photos that Mr. Meek was kind enough to let us share:

Nick Meek Sony Bravia Skater

Nick Meek Sony Bravia Street

Nick Meek Sony Bravia Volcano

Feature Shoot referred to this as “a visual feast of detail and wonder.” No way I’ll be able to improve on that description…

To see more of Meek’s work, head over to his portfolio by clicking here.

(via Feature Shoot)

Image credits: Photographs by Nick Meek and used with permission

  • Anonymoused

    Can we move past the sexist “upset significant other” jokes when it comes to flowers?

  • Andy Austin

    Actually “significant other” is gender neutral. So therefore the only sexism here is you by implying that joke was directed towards one gender via gender stereotypes of who would want flowers.

  • DLCade

    Gonna have to go with Andy here @Anonymoused:disqus, I specifically used significant other to avoid the stereotype… believe it or not.

  • joshsouzaphotos

    Everything on the internet has to be made into an issue you know… :)

  • harumph

    …and they counted every single petal. “Let’s stop at 8 million, guys.”

    But seriously, these shots are amazing.

  • joshandlindsay

    The volcano is Irazu.. the town is somewhere near Turrialba it looks like

  • Jetsetter23

    Why would anybody be upset at being showered with 8 million rose petals? As long as I don;t have to clean them up! I like to think it would smell amazing, but most commercially grown roses don’t smell anymore. It must have been so fun to shoot this…and to play in the petals. I hope someone made a petal angel.

  • Andy Austin

    The internet is serious business dontchaknow.

  • Mak Wa

    8 million petals at say roughly 20 petals per rose, thats 400,000 roses, and say it costs $2 per rose direct from the growers, that’s $800,000 just in roses. Although paying for 400,000 rose I’m sure they would’ve got a significant discount. Hope they also paid for someone to clean it all up.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    I hope no one is allergic! (^_^)

  • OtterMatt

    Not sure how I feel about his overall portfolio and his frequent use of colorizing and filtering, but his composition is fantastic and these images in particular are stunning. Words fail me. I wish I could have been there.