Breaking Rumor: Sony to Announce the All New Full-Frame E-Mount A7s in Two Days


It’s been a very interesting 48 hours for rumors, and it may have just reached its climax. According to sonyalpharumors, there is a brand spankin’ new Sony full-frame E-Mount camera set to launch on Sunday!

Information is extremely limited because, according to SAR, Sony has kept this one very secret. But no less than 5 trusted sources have come forward to confirm this camera to the rumor site so it is a near-certainty we’ll see it on Sunday.

As far as specs, we literally know nothing yet. All we know is that it will be called the A7s, it is NOT just a silver A7, and it will be based on the current A7 but with one “unique feature.”

Does the S stand for Speed? Silent? Swag? Okay it’s probably not swag, but you never know. Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned as more details are bound to roll in ahead of the release.

Update: Sonyalpharumors is reporting that the A7s will be announced at NAB in Las Vegas at 5pm Eastern time on Sunday, and that the unique feature is 4K capability. They are also speculating that the camera will feature the A6000’s speedy hybrid AF, but that is still speculation at this point.

  • Graf Almassy

    A7[S] – [S]orry, we have no idea how to design more lenses, so we make more and more bodies!

  • Sky

    So that’s where it goes!

    FE – more bodies than lenses.

    Sony didn’t learn anything at all from E-mount history.

  • stavrography

    ff with g mount and af support for nikon lenses wooo… not :<

  • Robert Hanciarec

    It will be an A7s from steady like OMD em5 :)

  • eric westpheling

    Silent? Speed? Steady? I’ll only consider swapping the A7 for the S if its silent! They just ran the B&H $300 discount promotion until 3/31…if its a serious new feature a lot of folks are just going to return it for the upgrade. They should have waited another 30 days for the return window to close! Come on Sony- you’re slipping!

  • Ronald

    Maybe Sony is banking on the fact that photographers are more than willing to use third-party lenses on these FF cameras via adapters. So making more bodies might not be a bad idea, so long as Sony sells units.

  • e234234234

    it´s “s” for “sport”……. so more FPS, trust me i am the sony CEO.
    and i can promise you there will be one more lens in 2015!!

  • E-Nonymouse A

    haha Well I was hoping for more news of a medium format, but i’d settle for a kick ass mirror less job that could compete with my D800E and use the thousands of dollars in Nikon glass I have invested in.

  • Ilia Sibiryakov


  • Adam Sanford

    S = Sealed from light leak

  • Neil T

    4K video capability.

  • electric

    “S” will stand for SORRY, Sony has NO culture of photography which explains why no lenses only bodies . . .

  • iphoto27

    Sony designed slow lenses at costly prices with the Japanese’s “Zeiss” logo on the lenses by fusing an adapter on a normal flange-to-focal distance of a Minolta.
    Laying thousand of employees.
    Closing 78% of Sony Stores.
    So they can come up with this new body, which will now pissed many that now owned the A7 and A7r.

    The Sony SLT-A99 has loose values so much when many got it for $3,000.00.
    Now follow the A7 & A7r.

    Nice going Sony.

  • Neil Buchan-Grant

    s- for “stabilised”…:) (IBIS)

  • CamCrunch

    That would be awesome, but I don’t see that happening seeing as they’ve already invested in creating stabilized lenses.

  • JoeNoName


    You might wonder why Sony Australia gave free Metabones cupons to redeem for adapters with the purchase of A7 and A7r ? (…)

  • geodesigner

    My guess would be [S]peed. As in, faster focus and more frames per second

  • Keith Goldstein


  • yamaha83

    i plan on getting this of the A7 with A to E mount adapter and the metabones adapter for Cannon.

  • james


  • fsjal

    Nice trolling with this lens thing, 3/10, made me reply. I’m waiting for your next comments. Maybe about Sony using child labour, or making lenses using plastic instead of glass.
    Seriously, making FE lenses by using adapters on Minolta… This is so retarded it actually made me slightly upset, I change your troll-rating to 4/10.

  • fsjal

    I’ve always been surprised by this. Everyone’s complaining about lack of lenses, yet E-mount is still on the top (or just behind m4/3, depends on market). I guess they did learn something, but not from comment section on PetaPixel, that’s for sure ;)

  • Leicatto

    just get a a Fuji… Use brain.

  • robin

    a7s(iver) just new colour


    Fuji soon to go FF and all the lenses worthless then what?

  • Bingo

    The point is that they have some of the best tech, the biggest marketing budgets, and one of the most trusted and recognisable names in electronics, they should be miles in front of M4/3. The fact that they aren’t daylight first in sales proves their obvious mistakes(i.e. lack of lenses, constantly changing annoying things like memory sticks, hotshoes, lens compatability.)

  • Blake Castle

    At least E mount is easily adapted to other lenses such as EF, already made for full frame and with electric control!

  • Gerardo Campos

    you are so wrong here, sony E mount is by far the best mount ever made; I hace 3 cameras with E mount FS100, FS700 and NEX-6, and I can use any lens I want, I own Canon FD lenses, nikon lenses, canon eos lenses, minolta lenses, pl lenses, sony alpha lenses, E mount lenses… and adapters with and without electronic com and works fantastic; when I’m working in the street with other cameraman I can take what ever lens they have and put it in my camera… can you do that with nikon or canon??? imposible… but with E mount the universes of lenses is giant, and with Speed Booster is like heven

  • Zos Xavius

    Comments like the above troll make me wonder why I even bother scrolling past the end of the article. I really don’t know WTF they are going on about fusing adapters.

  • Zos Xavius

    I sincerely doubt it right now. Fuji is betting the farm on aps-c systems.

  • Zos Xavius

    Really? E-mount is on top? How? When it comes to native lenses, e-mount doesn’t look so good. There is a large population of people that do not want to use adapters. The mount variations on native camera/lens combinations are bad enough as it is, but every adapter is 100% perfect…right…..

  • alealeale ale


  • iphoto27

    Do a search on Flange-to-Focus-Distance between Minolta/Sony A Mount vs Sony NEX or A Series.

    Or just buy it if you knows nothing about lens designs.
    Then look inside where rear lens meets camera’s mount..empty air.

    But save the money and get a better model, ATG Sony A7s+ or Sony A7s.

    The A7r’s shutter is very loud.
    Flash Sync is 160.
    Dreaded delayed wireless radio or ir flashes.

  • guest

    Jesus Christ, first world problems. Just buy something else and stop whining about camera you don’t even own. People these days…

  • Cynical Bloke

    The glass on the 55 goes all the way to the mount. What are you talking about? The 35 has hardly any air. Zooms, who cares only fools use those on such high res cameras.

  • Cynical Bloke

    Why would I want to downgrade to a 12mp camera?

  • fartcrime

    low light king ability.
    and for most videographer, 12mp is a highly upgrade from 24 or 36mp. if you’re a videographer, full HD only have al least 2 or 2.5mp.
    most of them wouldn’t want to ‘downgrade’ to higher mp camera with a trade of higher noise level because their video is still 2mp in resolution, and higher mp + higher noise is a waste. except they’re planning to records in 4K, which not all camera are capable of.

  • Cynical Bloke

    He was saying A7/r owners would be pissed, they are different cameras so no.

  • Cynical Bloke

    It’s fact that bodies sell, many just use the kit lens, if it didn’t make business sense sony wouldn’t do it.

  • iphoto27

    You can lead a horse to the water.
    But you can not make him drink the water.

    Very few shooters would understand what you and I have said.

    Getting the ATG Sony A7rs+ or Sony A7s with a ATG Aqua Housing or good video rig, then you have many jaw dropping videos and photos.

    Why they didn’t understand the Canon EOS-1D C and Nikon D4s didn’t go over 20Meg are because many are not cine/photographers.