Infographic: Tips and Ideas for Shooting the Perfect Family Portrait


Taking a family portrait is never an easy task. There’s often a small child involved, and parents who are trying to make sure said child is on their best behavior. Beyond that, as the group grows in size, the difficulty of organizing everybody and capturing a quality photo increases dramatically.

No worries though, help is on the way.

This infographic by Malc from Jefferson Studios brings together a useful collection of tips and ideas that will help make your family portrait taking experience as simple as possible:


Basic tips, posing ideas and printing suggestions are all included. And while a professional photographer probably won’t benefit greatly from them (you probably already know how to pose your family) we could see this or something similar being a very useful handout at a portrait studio.

As usual, if you have some top tips of your own that aren’t included in this infographic, drop them in the comments below.

Image credits: Infographic by Jefferson Studios used with permission

  • blachford

    ah man… i hate it when there are just haters in comments so i will try and put this constructively.

    I feel like you guys need to spend some time on graphic design. Those fonts, shadows and colours are truly awful.

    Sorry. It needs to be said.

    Less is more.

  • Graf Almassy

    Perfect tutorial for taking 90’s style family photos.

  • Dumass

    Just because they are family portraits in a studio, does not make them automatically “90’s style”.

    People have smiled in photos for at least what, 80 years? Are you also saying that every smiling “selfie” is a “1930’s style” photo?

  • Graf Almassy

    Every decade has a uniqe style in studio photography. You can tell which photos taken in 1860’s, 1930’s or 1990’s on the basis of lighting setup, cloths or hair styles.

    Nowadays the main trend is using monolight, dark backgrounds and washed out “vintage look” filters.

  • DaniGirl

    Line them up according to height? And here I spent all this time researching posing tips…