Infographic: How Women Feel About Being in Photos

Photo printing company PhotoBox recently conducted a survey of 1,000 women aged 18-65 to find out how they feel about being in photographs. An interesting finding was that the women generally cared much more about how other women view the images than how men view them. Only 10% of women care about what men think of their photogenic-ness. Of the other 9 in 10 women, it’s the 36-45 demographic that cares the most about being judged by other women.

Another interesting fact is that women tend to be picky regarding where they stand in a group photograph, with old women strongly preferring being in the back of these shots.

In terms of aging, a good number of 46-55 year olds stated that they worried about looking old in photos, but once they hit the 56-65 range, this worry apparently goes out the window.

Here’s an infographic that shows the results of the survey:

Portrait photographer Annabel Williams has a few tips for looking your best in photos:

1. Choose clothes which you are most comfortable in and flatter you most. If you feel uncomfortable, you’ll look uncomfortable
2. Think relaxed beauty queen – stand slightly sideways on to the camera, closest leg to camera should be forward, and toe turned out, shoulders turned slightly. Facing straight on will make you appear wider
3. Wearing the same colour top and bottom will lengthen you out and v necked shirts and tops elongate your neck
4. If you can, look up at the camera – ask the photographer to shoot down on you, your eyes will look bigger and brighter
5. Enjoy having your photograph taken – if you don’t enjoy the moment, you’re inevitably going to be disappointed with the end result

(via PhotoPlus)

Image credit: Co-operative Group Secretary joins ‘inspirational’ women by The Co-operative