Superman View: Creative GoPro Video Lets You Fly Around as the Man of Steel

Silly but cool, that’s the best way to describe the video above. Put together by the good folks at Corridor Digital, this is a POV video unlike any other, because the view you’re getting is out of Superman’s eyes as he flies around Los Angeles.

As you can probably already guess, the RAW POV footage wasn’t actually shot by a guy flying around. It was taken using a GoPro Hero 3 and a DJI Phantom II quadcopter. But rather than tell you how they pulled it off and force you to… you know… read things… the Corridor Digital team put together this snazzy BTS video that does it for us:

Of course, POV GoPro videos of people doing or experiencing cool or crazy things — usually set to dubstep music — are starting to be sort of like time-lapses (meaning: there are way too many of them), but this one just seemed too unique not to share.

Check out the full video and behind the scenes look above, and if you want to see more of what Corridor Digital has put together, follow them on Twitter or Facebook by clicking on the corresponding links.

  • SeoulFood

    This was more entertaining than the last 3 real Superman movies!

  • Alex Minkin

    this is fantastic, and really well done, but I always wonder why ‘real life’ gopro footage never looks quite as sharp, or as saturated as it does in their commercials. are people not doing enough color work in post, or are their commercials completely bogus?

  • Leonardo Abreu

    People just don’t do post at all

  • Jigsaw

    Great stuff! Except for the music. Not every GoPro video needs kewl dubstep. ;)

  • Jake

    Would have benefitted from John Williams’s classic theme.

  • kewpie

    Hans Zimmer would have been nicer

  • YS

    The SFX might be a bit crude in some places, and the footage could’ve been better graded, but man, I got a real kick out of watching it. Had a big stupid grin on my face.

    On that note, Occulus Rift with a proper Superman game will seriously kick ass.