Fuji Steps Up to Fix X-T1 Light Leak Issue Only Days After It was Spotted


Fuji is making a habit of scoring brownie points with its customers. Whether it’s by creating great cameras, releasing firmware updates for discontinued and replaced products or, in this case, offering an official fix for an issue for free just days after the problem became known.

If you haven’t heard about the Fuji X-T1 light leak issue it’s probably because Sony stole some of Fuji’s thunder in that area. But where Sony’s issue might not be as bad as originally thought (it only seems to happen at super high ISO when you’re shooting directly into the sun or you have a light source pointed at the mount) and seems to affect more or less all A7 and A7r models, the X-T1 issue is limited to certain serial numbers.


But have no fear, if you are one of the users who is affected by this issue, Fuji has acknowledged the problem and is offering to fix it for free. FujiRumors spotted the announcement earlier today on the Fuji Japan website, where the company is offering free repair services to anyone with serial numbers between 41002001 and 41006000.

The treatment doesn’t seem to be limited to Japanese customers either. Fuji UK responded to an inquiry by one of FR‘s readers in much the same way, offering to send over a pre-paid shipping box and fix the shooter “with the utmost of care and urgency.”

Check out the Google-translated service advisory here to learn more about the issue and determine if you should get in touch with your Fuji service center.

(via Fuji Rumors)

  • Brucee10

    I haven’t regretted my X-Pro1 purchase yet. Each firmware update brings improvements and new features. As long as Fuji keeps watching the forums and listening to users, they’ve got my attention.

  • LeighMiller

    That’s how it’s done!

    Don’t wait for thousands of complaints and threats of class action lawsuits. Do right by your customers :-)

  • d600 package

    so hilarious Fuji and Sony can make a light sealed box. don’t tell me how it’s only visa or in extreme cases, that is not true, it’s very very visible in MANY situations. pathetic. of course Fuji and sony have to admit this fast, there is not room to squirm! it’s an obvious defect! a camera is a light sealed box, so these things aren’t even cameras!!!!

  • biZmarkie

    still very pathetic that it even happend.

  • Tyson Williams

    I love Fujifilm, they fixed my X10 for free (and it was just a few weeks ago long after warranty expired) and I know my X-Pro1 will be good a long time as they keep updating the firmware for it. Great way to build customer loyalty…

  • worker88

    I’m enjoying my X-Pro1 also, but I’m not a fan of the “I hope they fix/change _________ with a firmware update” that seems to be all over the fuji related forums.

  • Fernando Callo

    Can anyone show me a digital light leaked photograph please?

  • KTX

    Yeah man, pathetic indeed. I guess I couldn’t spot light leaks in practically any camera if I was looking for them. Because you know, that’s what everyone has ever done when one got a new camera, right? Shining flashlights and stuff into every open flap and around everywhere on the camera while exposing total darkness on the highest ISO setting for aeons. I’ve also heard that this stuff is contagious, so don’t let your camera around another piece of scrap camera with light leaks or it will be USELESS! Better watch out and rant about how it’s not cool that another company will acknowledge that there is a specific problem with a camera and will fix it asap without cost to the customer, while you sit there with your greasy, dusty sensor that has no problems at all… oh wait.

  • Pascal Stingl

    as you wish

  • alealeale ale

    Your comment is pathetic. Everybody makes mistakes, even the best companies.

  • alealeale ale

    Haha nice one!

  • Fernando Callo

    Mmm thanks. I come from a film world where I know exactly how light leaks look like but didn’t know how they were recorded in digital sensors.

  • Kenneth Reitz

    Fuji *is* the new Leica :)

  • Lee

    Hope Holga learn from Fuji and step up to fix their camera light leak issue.

  • Mack

    Very good on Fuji and Sony. Canon is good about honoring warranties too. Nikon, on the other hand, does not honor warranties. Shame, shame on Nikon.

  • Brucee10

    I stopped following so close. I like it as is, the updates are just bonuses

  • Woody ONeal

    Might not fix my XT1

    It’d be a hit with the free-lensing crowd.

  • Bingo

    If Fuji or Olympus did a 25fps video firmware update they would get get a lot of new customers from UK and Australia who like to shoot video and stills. i guess we still all need to get 5d III/70d’s or GH3/4’s for now. I don’t see how it can be so hard, If they just gave you a choice to download Pal or NTSC firmware that would be better than nothing. I would rather have an XT1 as my second video setup and carry around still shooter than a GH4, but I have little choice without 25 or 50fps.

  • Geoff Smith

    What’s pathetic is companies like Nikon that never admit to an oil drip issue on their D600 sensors, but instead, make you buy a new D610 to fix the issue. Now that’s pathetic.

  • Geoff Smith

    Not only that, but Nikon never did admit to an oil leak issue on their D600 sensors. Instead, they come out with a new model (D610) to fix the issue.