Nikon 1 V3 is a Mirrorless Speed Freak with 20fps Continuous Shooting


Nikon has unveiled the newest camera in the Nikon 1 line, an ultra-fast mirrorless shooter that brings the company closer to the competition and lends credence to Nikon’s recent promise that it is still committed to the compact system camera (CSC) market.

Many of the official specs for the Nikon 1 V3 had already leaked ahead of tonight’s release. In fact, if you’ve kept your eye on the rumor sites, you’ve even seen pictures. But for those of you who haven’t kept up with the news, here are the official specs:

  • 18.4-megapixel CX-format CMOS sensor with no low-pass filter
  • Expeed 4a processor
  • 3-inch, 1.037M-dot 180-degree tiltable touchscreen LCD
  • Optional 2.359M-Dot hot shoe EVF
  • ISO range between 160 and 12,800
  • 6fps continuous shooting for up to 50 shots with mechanical shutter
  • 20fps continuous shooting with AF tracking — the world’s fastest — for up to 40 shots with electronic shutter
  • 60fps continuous shooting when focus is locked
  • Super-fast AF system with 171 contrast detect points and 105 phase detect points
  • 120fps slow-motion 720p video capability
  • Special eVR electronic stabilization in movie mode
  • Virtual horizon function
  • Built-in WiFi

And here are some images and an intro video to go along with those specs:








As you can see, the camera also boasts a brand new design that makes the shooter look a bit more professional than previous 1 Series models.

Alongside the V3, Nikon has also released two new lenses — the $1,000 1 Nikkor VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 and the $300 1 Nikkor VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-ZOOM — and a $160 slick optional grip (pictured below) that can’t carry any additional power, but does give you extra grip, a front dial, shutter button and additional function button.


The V3, lenses and grip will all arrive in stores next month, and you can learn more about all of them by heading over to the Nikon Press Room. The camera kit with 10-30mm lens, EVF and grip will cost you $1,200.

  • kenneth escalona

    Wow 20FPS. Hopefully the images will be looking great. @petapixel – will you be giving a free nikon v3 in the coming months? =)

  • RMJ

    The specs are wrong. It has 171 contrast detect points and 105 phase detect points. That’s total of 276 AF points.

    From Nikon:
    “Hybrid AF System uses 171 AF points for contrast detection and 105 AF points for phase detection”

  • DLCade

    Thanks for pointing that our RMJ! It’s been fixed :)

  • Genkakuzai

    20 fps is pretty damn badass. AF looks insane as well. In b4 a whole lotta whine (you all know it’s coming).

  • Kyle Clements

    Really loving the trend of putting high res high speed video in to affordable cameras. Maybe in another couple years we’ll have 720p 1000fps in a camera body under $1k. That would be grand.

  • PeerlessPaw

    looks great :) looks like it raises the bar for mirrorless cameras’ AF performance.
    hope to see APS-C and FullFrame mirrorless systems with this type of AF performance as well.

  • tdrbuzle

    I’m curious about the sensor size !?

  • Carsten Schlipf

    Still 1″

    They wouldn’t be able to change that without changing the mount.

  • KERO


  • Jari

    Nikon hardly raises anything with this camera besides the price. AF performance is a moot point, when your whole frame is mostly always in focus with that small sensor and slow, expensive lenses.

  • John R

    I use a V1 a great deal of the time, and the silent ‘go fast’ shutter is great, and this one looks even better, front and rear control dials fantastic. Please let there be a proper flash socket and uncompressed video out too.

  • Barbara

    No flash mount, No optical viewfinder, No sale.

  • MJ Coffey

    $1000+ … Wtf Nikon?
    It’s not like you can get way better cameras for that price..

  • wylun

    man.. i miss the built in evf look~

  • Brandon Chin

    So basically you only use DSLRs. Or rangefinders. Or maybe the X-Pro 1 or X100S. If that’s the case, why bother reading and commenting?

  • CMD

    I don;t get the mechanical shutter part. Isn’t that whole idea behind mirrorless?

  • Consumer Hore

    At this price point and at this level of camera image control, optical/digital viewfinders and flash mounts are mandatory.

    Imagine a $40,000 car that comes without a radio.

  • Olivier Sylvestre

    On my V1 I prefer to use the mechanical shutter instead of the electronic one, only to confirm me I took a picture by sound.

  • DLM

    Of course, the ultimate spec that matters is image quality, and we haven’t seen that yet. Obviously, since this is brand new I haven’t held it, played with it, or shot with it, so I won’t slam it without any real first hand knowledge.

    But here’s the thing- when a new camera comes out, if it’s going to interest me into buying, it has to offer me something I can’t get elsewhere that matters to me. Other than the fast frame rate, which isn’t huge deal to me, I don’t see it.

    At this price level, why would I go for this over say, an Olympus OMD model?

    Just my opinion, others may disagree.

  • CMD

    I think a tiny speaker with a click sound would satisfy that need

  • Brandon Chin

    I agree, it should have a flash mount.

    Barbara said “…No optical viewfinder, No sale.” She specifically said, optical, which means she shoots with DSLRs, rangefinders, and possibly the X-Pro1 or X100S. Which implies she’s kind of trolling. And the V3 comes with the electronic viewfinder. Granted, it’s not built-in, but it’s still part of the package.

  • Brandon Chin

    *Technically it does have a flash mount, albeit not a standard hot shoe, but unfortunately you can’t use the electronic viewfinder and an external flash at the same time. Not including the LED flash, which is geared towards video.

  • greenarcher02

    I would personally go for the Oympus, but I may be biased since I’m already in on the m43 system.
    But this is appealing to me due to the hybrid AF and the very fast 20fps. IQ is very subjective but judging from the previous Nikon 1, this would be enough for my needs: sharing them online. So if I haven’t got the GX7 already, this is very tempting, if not only for the lack of native lenses….
    So if you’re looking for IQ and resolution that can print very large, this isn’t for you. And of course there’s this whole physics thing about low light, noise, and sensor size.

  • Barbara

    Can’t use the electronic viewfinder and external flash at the same time, No sale.

    I had no idea that pointing out obvious design flaws in a product of a certain price range is considered “trolling”.

    I’m sorry if I offended you. Can you even hear me up on your high horse? Sheesh.

  • alexcookemusic

    No, it would be less than (a) grand. Yuk yuk. (I’m so sorry; I’m ashamed of myself.)

  • Brandon Chin

    Thank you for clarifying your comment Barbara. I hope you understand the way I responded was based upon your original comment, which wasn’t clear. I agree that you should be able to use a flash and viewfinder at the same time. Sorry I said you were trolling. 

  • DLM

    Yup, I Agree. I routinely sell prints as 16×20, and sometimes as large as 24×36. I don’t feel compelled to go FF, honestly I’ve gotten some pretty amazing results with an Olympus TG 1 ihs, as long as I shoot tripod for shake reduction. That’s got a smaller sensor, and still some good shots. I have an APSC sensor camera, but it’s not weather sealed which makes it challenging up here in the Northwest. Nikon has the AW-1, but I haven’t found as much info on it as the OMD’s.

    I’m likely going with one of those, although I am interested in the new fuji XT-1, it’s weather sealed, and look like it’s a lot more worth the asking price….. Although they aren’t releasing the weather sealed lenses until later, and the OMD has them available now.

  • Rob

    Optional grip doesn’t give an increase in FPS! Throws toys out of crib… :)

  • Dhaval Panchal

    It will be very interesting to see the reviews of this, given its “CX” format sensor compared to the APS-C format in the likes of the new Sony a6000, and how fast its AF is compared to the Sony. I’m also interested to see what the EVF lag is like (Compared to the similarly priced Fuji XT-1), and also the touchscreen controls, given that it is Nikon’s first attempt at a touch interface. Battery life will also be a concern, especially given that the optional extra handgrip DOES NOT offer extra power. Surprising given its price!

  • Dhaval Panchal

    Oh and it uses MicroSD for some reason?!

  • Ayatollyahso

    Meh… my 2013 Lumix gh-3 does 20fps in “high speed”; Canikon are sucking wind and doomed to extinction at this blistering rate of “innovation”….

  • Ian Kirk

    It is probably a wonderful camera to use ( I’m a 1 series fan and shoot then V1) but I can’t understand why Nikon dropped the built in EVF. Why Nikon put in yet another battery variant. Why there is no mechanical shutter and most of all I do not understand Nikons retail pricing. Its sky high exorbitant!

  • 2nd Chance Photo

    ….and yet still no threaded lens for filters or an hotshoe for external flash. I have been a diehard Nikon fan/user for 30 years, but they really need to take a few tips from Fuji and Panasonic/Lumix.

  • Capion

    All you video buffs out there.. think outside the box of specs for just a minute. 60fps jpeg “locked focus” (manual focus) continuous (indefinitely no buffer limit writing to card) .. this means 5.2k video @ 60fps… BEAST. Only downside.. no sync sound.

  • Fotabug

    My, my, it is amazing how judgment is passed so easily without ever seeing, let alone trying, a product! Maybe it’s not for you, so be it. But please consider that it does interest some of us. The negative prejudgment turns me off of most forums and commentaries. I have a little V1 I use along with my D3 and other DSLRs and it does a great job, despite the bad rap given it by so many who have never even seen one. Coming on here and making such comments as no this and no that no sale is totally valueless to anyone. Could we please raise the commentaries to something of value to others, thoughtful analysis? What we get is certainly nothing I will use to decide whether I want one or not. Sorry for the rant!