Unique ‘Light Prints’ of Iconic Portraits Shot Entirely In-Camera


Light painter Jason D. Page recently got in touch to show us an impressive series three years in the making that he has just completed. It’s called ‘Icons,’ and it features a set of psychedelic light portraits Page calls ‘Light Prints’ that are done entirely in-camera.

On the project’s webpage, Page explains that the series is loosely inspired by Andy Warhol’s work:

While looking at some prints of Mr. Warhol in 2011, I wondered if I could replicate a print making process working with the medium of light instead of ink. I began working on my light print making process in late 2011 and have been developing it ever since. The images in the Icons series are the first “Light Prints” ever created.

Each image looks much like you see it below SOOC (Straight Out of Camera), with the only post-processing applied being a bit of cleaning us such as removing dead pixels and square cropping the final images. “They are painted with handheld light sources and completely created in one single photographic exposure,” explains Page.

“Each Icon has 5 images in the series, each slightly different from one another, each of the images is only printed one time, so every image is a unique work of art. The Icons are printed and framed on a polished sheet of white aluminum ultra gloss material in the size of 45″x45″.”

Here’s a look at a few samples from the series:





Jason D. Page Light Painting Albert Einstein 1

Jason D. Page Light Painting Jimi Hendrix 1

To see more of the portraits from the series, or if you’d like to purchase one of the prints Page mentions above, head over to the Icons webpage by clicking here.

Image credits: Light prints by Jason D. Page and used with permission

  • Joanna Jaskólska

    Amazing! I’d like to see making of ;)

  • Glen Berry

    It’s shot “entirely in-camera”. I’m unimpressed by that aspect of how the images were created. It’s a more of a footnote, and nothing I would have placed in the headline—unless this were a detailed DIY article that taught others how to create images just like these. Apart from the fields of forensics, science, medical imaging, and photojournalism, there’s nothing necessarily special about an SOOC image.

    That said, I do like the images. I would expect they look rather vibrant and eye-catching, especially printed on a large sheet of aluminum.

  • Burnin Biomass

    Am I correct in assuming he is using a cutout or mask for different elements in the total image (hair is one mask, eyes are another, parts of the face are a third…)? Maybe pin registered Kodaliths? Do they make Kodalith anymore? Interesting results!

  • carnagex2000

    (Don’t think you can get Kodalith anymore, although you can get ortho film from ilfrod, adox and arista).

  • Alan Klughammer

    This must be made using cutouts of some kind. Look at the sharp edges. I would like to see how it is done.

  • Alan Klughammer

    I like the images very much as well, but the line that got me was “…each of the images is only printed one time…” Why? And yet the artist produces multiple versions of each image.

  • Henry Hiah

    John Lennon’s forehead is kinda of scary