Amazing Night Vision Cam Captures Full Color HD Instead of the Classic Green

When we say ‘night vision’ camera, what sort of image does that bring to mind? Probably something green, or maybe grey if you’re into IR, but definitely not 720p footage shot in full color. Well, that may change soon if the newly announced Falcon Eye KC-2000 night vision camera delivers on its promises.

Announced by Japanese company Komamura, the KC-2000 doesn’t just see in the dark, it does it in full color HD. The results are impressive, and you don’t even have to take our word for it, check out the comparison video above to see just how well the Falcon Eye does in near-total darkness.


Details about how exactly the camera works are still being kept under wraps, and Komamura isn’t letting pricing or availability info out either (probably because it’ll make your wallet feel inadequate), but people have been quick to point out the potential uses of this kind of technology.

Nature, wildlife, news broadcast and surveillance videography would benefit enormously from doing away with the standard bright green or grey night vision in favor of color footage.

Of course, when this first hits the market, it will be marketed at, as Gizmodo puts it, “those with actual ‘night vision gear’ sections in their annual budgets.” But that’s no reason not to get excited. Eventually, the tech will make it into the hands of lowly mortals as well.

(via Gizmodo)

  • agour

    neat idea, but I didn’t think the results were that impressive..

  • Moshi

    Results weren’t that impressive and the video test was kind of unfair with the FS100 being hand held and the Falcon seemed to be tripod mounted.

  • Adam Cross

    maybe they look unimpressive because we have our own ideas about how good night vision actually is because of movies and TV shows which often fake the effect? I don’t know.

  • Sven

    This is astounding, who are you kidding?

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    really? didnt you see the difference? of course, its not cinema quality. but it has to start somewhere, right?

  • Mike

    Canon FS-100!? Isn’t this a tiny camcorder!?
    I thought Sony FS100 for a second but no, it says Canon. What kind of a comparison is that?

  • carnagex2000

    They’re comparing it to the sub $400 Canon FS100 ? (You know the bottom line Canon consumer recorder). Why not against a 5DmkIII with a 50 1.2, with video scaled back to 720p ?

  • Alberto Carboni

    I agree, is probably just a small f number and a great iso ..I have a 85mm 1.4 that on my nikon can perform like that (that video is not hd at all, it could be super grainy seen in HD) ..but as security or action camera 1.4 is crap, the depth of field is minimum, you need to decide where to focus and autofocus on low light conditions is another pain in the ass

  • Alberto Carboni

    Sven is not, probably they have other private video that are really great, but this one is nothing new, you can get it with very old prime lenses on modern dslrs

  • agour

    sure it let’s a lot of light in, but the video quality was mediocre at best…

  • harumph

    Yes, but this is designed for military and police security/surveillance purposes, not for pro photographers.

  • Rob Elliott

    that wouldn’t effect the results on a video camera.
    The wide gap in the type of camera is much more important in this case.

  • SiriusPhotog

    How about a real comparison instead of a comparison with a $150 camcorder that makes ZERO claims to having any night vision capabilities.

  • James

    Yeah I thought the same.

  • James

    My personal great expectations come from my experience using professional level DSLR’s at large apertures and moderate ISO. I would expect for something that would break the bank like this kind of surveillance gear to get about the same level of performance, but without the grain I would hit at higher ISO’s giving smaller apertures.

  • tttulio

    Is this a Joke? Comparing it to a Canon FS100? a small amateur camcorder.
    The Sony FS100 is the king of low light, try with that one.

  • analogworm

    But still, it reduces the level of professionalism in this test. Also as others have pointed out the canon FS-100 is just a camcorder. To generate a true fair test they should’ve used another camera which is an actual competitor to this Falcon Eye.

  • Dave

    I’m pretty sure I can get better with my 5D2 and 50mm f/1.4 @720p, and it cost a LOT less than this.

  • George

    There’s a physical limit on how low the noise can be for a given sensor size. You can’t do anything about shot noise—it’s a property of light.

  • Rob Elliott

    I don’t disagree. There are several other videos out there, a few using a night vision one.. but they are careful not to give details, which is interesting.

  • Prabhath MP

    This truly is an achievement in night-vision. Though there is a little green tint where light contrasts with darkness on frames, but still nice :)