High School Girl Takes Selfie with Cadaver, Wins Our Vote for Most Repulsive Selfie

And the award for most repugnant and moronic selfie of the year (or maybe decade?) goes to… an Alabama High School senior who, earlier this week, decided it would be okay to completely ignore rules she was explicitly informed about (not to mention any shred of common decency) in order to take a selfie with a cadaver in a University of Alabama at Birmingham anatomy lab.

You’ll have to excuse the smoke coming out of my ears, but as a former medical student at UAB who was privileged to learn anatomy by working with one of these cadavers — each of which selflessly DONATED their bodies to science — this high school senior’s actions disgust me to the Nth degree.

According to a report by WHNT News 19, the details are as follows. While on a field trip to visit the UAB Biology department on Monday of this week, a Clements High School senior removed the sheet off of one of the cadavers in the anatomy lab and snapped a selfie with the donor’s body.

The selfie was later removed from Instagram, but not before a classmate took a screenshot and showed it to her older sibling, who notified their parents and, through them, UAB administration.

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“We are speaking to the University of Alabama Birmingham, they are understandably upset with this incident and we want to preserve our relationship with the university,” Limestone County School Board Director of Public Relations and Technology Karen Tucker told WHNT. “Therefore we are speaking to them and wanting to know how we can mend this process and keep our relationship with them, and we are in the process of deciding on the discipline that will occur.”

That first sentence, dear readers, is the understatement of the century. When we were first shown the anatomy lab as medical students, it was made clear that we would be immediately kicked out of medical school if we ever took any pictures (much less a smiling selfie) in the lab.

UAB takes its donor program extremely seriously, treating each donor and their families with the utmost respect. The students even host a memorial service at the end of the year to honor the donors; a service to which the families are invited so that they might understand the positive impact their loved one’s decision has made.

So, you see, when WHNT says that they couldn’t confirm whether or not this unidentified student had been suspended, I scoff, because suspension in this case is akin to a slap on the wrist for being pulled over driving drunk.

This is one selfie that, in this editor’s opinion, should get the young lady expelled… and only after she delivers a face-to-face apology to the donor’s family.

(via United Press International)

  • Korios

    Infinite stupidity..

  • madmax

    The question is: Who erased the picture in Instagram? Was the girl who regretted her behaviour or was Instagram staff? In the first case I don´t think she deserves a severe punishment. But her classmate, who took an screenshot, is repulsive. He ought first speak with this girl and make her realize her mistake.

  • foljs

    I call BS. And people with miserable lives venting out their frustrations on some teenager for “ignoring the rules”.

    Yes, because life is all about “respecting the rules”.

    Besides, I know several medical students from my university, and making jokes at anatomy classes with cadavers etc is something that students do since forever.

  • madmax

    You are not a therapist but a beast. You´d better quit your job as you only can harm people.

  • JT

    Sounds like my feedback hit very close to home for you. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  • madmax

    You don´t know anything about me and my home is thousands of miles away the U.S.
    The true is you are an ignorant. You simply can´t judge that “Her smile is simply too evil” just for a picture. Nobody can. And a picture in which you can´t see her eyes. The true is you simply are a troll and a bad person. The true is you probably are an embittered small low employee. You should feel ashamed of yourself. I feel sorry for you.

  • madmax

    Really. There are so many embittered, malicious souls wandering the web!

  • Sterling

    “she could have her college path totally derailed and be forced to seek education at another institution that wouldn’t have been a first choice…”

    Noooooo, not her second choice of college! All she did was perform a despicable deed and prove that she has no understanding of human decency. Just give her some “punishment” that her and her friends can share a laugh about.

  • Sterling

    You plan to post casket shots from your family members’ funerals? After all, they’ll just be bodies.

  • Sterling

    Common decency is much more than a set of rules.

    Any of your medical student friends post selfies with cadavers?

  • iowapipe

    I love your realism…

  • Lee Martinez

    I have medical doctors in my family. What this lady did is awesome. I find it refreshing. So what if she took a self of what is to be here career. I’m sure it was a proud moment in here life and she took it. So what! I read most of the negative comments that were said about this girl and I’d say you all need to get your heads examined. Where do doctors get real life hands on and get this excited? ? I know ill get a lot of hate for this but remember this…the next time you see your doctor ask yourself how happy is he with his career because it will show on his work performance on your results.

  • teewop

    should have used Snapchat!!

  • QuestioningKat

    I was considering donating my remains to science when I pass. I stumbled onto this article and now have decided upon cremation instead. I can only imagine what other types of disrespect would be done to my body. No thanks. I’d rather be burned, mixed with ashes of someone else, and trashed. I hope they followed through with making her apologizing to the heirs.

  • pdsnider

    I’m an instructor at a college and because of this stupid act my anatomy class is no longer able to visit UAB’s lab. Actions have consequences, no matter how young you are. She knew this was wrong and classless when she did it.