Humor: Soccer Fan’s Funny Photographic Reaction to a Player Falling in Front of Him

Here’s a bit of humor to help drive away the thought that Monday is just around the corner. At a recent Liverpool Soccer match against Aston Villa, player Gabby Agbonlahor took a dive over the advertising hoardings on the side of the field and right onto the ground in front of a few Liverpool fans’ seats.

So what did the fan standing right there do? Did he try to help the beleaguered soccer player up? Did he look concerned and call for help for the player (who was probably in a bit of pain)? Of course not! Like any good photo enthusiast, he whipped out his camera and grabbed a snapshot of the scene with a look unrestrained glee on his face.

(via PetaPixel Reader Tip)

  • Michael Palmer


  • nerdbomber

    Gotta admit that was funny.. but karma’s gonna come back around and kick that photog’s arse big time!

  • David Liang

    Helping hand? Dialing ambulance? Nope. Point and shoot. Hilarious…

  • Football

    Soccer? Would that be football?

  • Adam Cross

    he has no reason to help, there are stewards everywhere at Premiership games, fans are often held back from helping if something bad actually happens to avoid problems of overcrowding, crushing people etc.

  • faloc

    and American Football should be called “Handegg” the “ball” looks more like an egg right? xD

  • Nikonguy

    That fans arse, he’s hardly a photog

  • Jeffrey Jones

    How is this any different that the photojournalists that prey off of other peoples suffering?

  • Phase19

    You are joking… right?

  • Samcornwell

    That was funny.

    Now, down to serious business. What camera was that? The Galaxy? Any guesses?

  • harumph

    Hey idiots, the fan is in a wheelchair. What did you want him to do? That entire section is the disabled Liverpool supporters seating. Not to mention that we can’t see Agbonlahor, who obviously did something that made everyone within view laugh.

  • Vlad Dusil

    What are you doing, man?

    Offering a logical, level-headed, non-judgmental response on PP?

    I am outraged!

  • Jesse Cureton

    Looked like a Lumia 1020 to me

  • Samcornwell

    If you watch carefully you can see a lens pop out. It;s definitely not that. And phone people usually take shots vertically don’t they :(

  • Guest

    No its the Samsung WB30F. you can tell by the white camera and black top

  • Andre Joseph Stuart-John

    No its the Samsung WB30f. You can tell by the white camera and black top.

  • Adam Cross

    Can we get an edit to this story? you can see from this shot from the same game that the guys in the video above are in wheelchairs. So yeah, it’s funny that he took a photo but anyone getting angry about it has no reason to.

  • David

    Wow Jeffrey, is THAT what you think photojournalist do. Really??? I think you are more than a little confused thereā€¦

  • Fark Man

    Did he post the snap anywhere?

  • YS


  • harumph

    They currently have at least three stories on the first page that require corrections and edits. I’d wager that none of them will be corrected. If they weren’t interested in doing the minimum amount of research before posting the stories, they likely have zero interest in going back and fixing them now.

  • Kaouthia

    “So what did the fan standing right there do?”

    Sitting, not standing. That’s the disabled section and he’s in a wheelchair, what exactly did you expect him to do?

  • Jake

    How does the fact that they guys are in wheelchairs contradict or make inaccurate any significant part of the article, besides the difference between him sitting and standing? And what does sitting in a wheelchair have to do with calling for help in the first place?

  • Ross Jukes

    Not as bad as the dive Suarez did later…

  • Adam Cross

    well for starters they can correct certain wordings like “So what did the fan standing right there do?” and “Did he try to help the beleaguered soccer player up?” doesn’t apply because he physically can’t help him up. Anyway, why would he call for help? this is the Premier league, these games are broadcast live all over the world, you think all the stewards around the pitch missed the fact that this player fell over the advertising boards? the player was fine, which is why the guys were laughing and the nearest steward wanders over calmly (the guy in the orange coat). There’s nothing to be mad about.

  • Ivor Wilson

    “And what does sitting in a wheelchair have to do with calling for help in the first place?”

    Seriously? “Calling” for help? 1 – He’s in a football stadium, with thousands of baying fans. 2 – Who’s he going to call? 3 – Everybody saw what happened, he doesn’t need to let anyone know.

    Also, the final part of the article, “Like any good photo enthusiast, he whipped out his camera and grabbed a
    snapshot of the scene with a look unrestrained glee on his face.”… don’t you find this more than a little accusatory against the guy with the camera, both inaccurately and undeservedly so?

  • Cinekpol

    I vote for that. Football should stay football and force Americans to call their weird sport “handegg”. Perfect.

  • Cinekpol

    Run over him?

  • harumph

    This shameless bit of click-bait is mocking a disabled person for not helping the fallen player. 30 seconds of googling would have prevented Petapixel from coming off as heartless and obnoxious, but they didn’t do that. In fact, their Facebook posting of this story was even more obnoxiously worded, but they apparently enjoy bringing out the worst in their Facebook commenters. It’s a bit of a cesspool of nastiness over there, with commenters insulting the fan, making fun of his weight, etc.

  • Kris Wood

    “2 – Who’s he going to call?”


    Sorry… I couldn’t resist.

  • Ivor Wilson

    It did cross my mind… :D

  • Eugene Chok

    hahaha in my head i hear ‘oh would you look at that ‘ in a posh english accent

  • Patrick Sinks

    And Karma’s coming for you for using the word “photog”.

  • 773metric

    Posh people don’t go to football matches.