Photographer Trapped Aboard an Antarctic Icebreaker Documents the Experience


A few weeks back we shared an incredible Antarctic find: photographs taken nearly 100 years ago by the photographer on one of Sir Earnest Shackleton’s expeditions into the frozen wasteland. The irony is that, as we were sharing these amazing photos, a present-day photographer was himself stuck on a ship in Antarctica awaiting rescue.

The photographer is Dr. Andrew Peacock and the ship was the Russian Icebreaker M.V. Akademik Shokalskiy. If you follow the news you probably heard about the ship, which became stuck in Antarctic waters on Christmas Eve after strong winds had pushed pack ice so tight around the ship that she wouldn’t budge.

Peacock was the Expedition Doctor and one of 74 people on the ship, many of whom had to be evacuated by helicopter to the Aurora Australis (the ship he is currently taking back home to Australia). And though it took us some time to get in touch with him, we were able to get permission to share his photographs from the Shokalskiy expedition:














The Chinese Icebreaker Xue Long so close and yet so far away... The ship itself became stuck while on its way to rescue the crew of the Shokalskiy.

The Chinese Icebreaker Xue Long so close and yet so far away… The ship itself became stuck while on its way to rescue the crew of the Shokalskiy.

In a way, this offers us a look at what people might call an “incredible find” 100 years from now. Files wiped and memory card lost, some assistant or conservationist might stumble across these images and history would repeat itself with headlines such as “Photographs of trapped Antarctic researchers discovered 100 years later.”

But even better, we’ve also managed to secure an interview with Peacock, whose story and photography we are extremely excited to share, so stick around for that!

(via National Geographic)

Image credits: Photographs by Dr. Andrew Peacock and used with permission.

  • Robisierra

    Nice pics, thanks for sharing

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    Except the excessive use of saturation, I really like it! I am feeling like being there!

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    Doesn’t seem to be very miserable there.

  • St Eggo

    Spectacular pictures! Being stuck is just apart of the adventure. I would love to have been there either way.

  • Tarek Cahier De Texte

    Say that to the crews who cancelled their expedition to rescue this ship…

  • Carl Meyer

    If you want to blame someone look at the passengers that wanted to scape as soon as possible from a well equipped and safe ship with enough supplies to wait until the crew could free the ship under better weather conditions or the arrival of a heavy icebreaker.

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    That global warming really sucks don’t it?

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    Wonderfull pics, but too much HDR abuse, so it,s a little unreal.