Photog Gives Father a Photo of His Dream Car for Christmas… Then the Actual Car

It being the day after Christmas, it’s only appropriate that we share an awesome story that involves the giving of an amazing gift. If we can throw in a behind the scenes look at a complex classic car photo shoot, well, that’s just a bonus.

This story comes from the folks over at Fstoppers or, more specifically, professional photographer Lee Morris. His father has always talked about how he wanted a 1968 Camaro in hugger orange with white stripes and so this year, for Christmas, Morris decided to make his Dad’s dream a reality. Being a pro photographer, however, he decided to mess with him a bit in the process.

Once he had the car ready (a feat that involved buying the wrong color and getting it professionally re-painted) Morris set out to create an amazing photograph of it with the intention of tricking his father into thinking the photo he had taken was his gift.

Here’s the detailed behind the scenes that shows how that shoot was done:

Morris describes this shoot as possibly the most complicated of his entire career, and there’s a lot to learn in the video above, but, of course, the photo was only the beginning. The real gift was the car itself.

In the video at the top, after recording his father’s joyful reaction to receiving only a photo he had taken of the dream car, he captures his dad’s reaction to receiving the real thing. It’s a touching moment and one we thought you would appreciate being a part of.

For a detailed BTS look at how the photo came together, check out the video above. And if you’d like to hear the whole story from the man himself, watch the video at the top and/or head over to Fstoppers for the full write-up.

Photographer Surprises Father With Dream Car For Christmas [Fstoppers]

  • Daniel Hogan

    This guy needs to look down at the ground more when he speaks….he clearly doesn’t do it enough. Also, I’d be bummed if my dad gave that reaction to such an incredible gift. This guy’s dad hardly even reacted or showed any emotion. I’m sure he could have bought the car himself anyway.

  • Jerrit Pruyn

    Merry Christmas.

  • C. Fung

    He’s a dad, that’s a great reaction! Good son!

  • Brian Kent

    LOVE this!!!! I am SO JEALOUS of your dad – simply amazing gift. And your dad was OBVIOUSLY totally delighted – speechless!

  • Brian Kent

    Simply amazing gift! And your dad’s reaction – clearly he was overwhelmed! Speechless! LOVE it! Good job!!

  • Syuaip

    you expect him to cry like a teenage girl?

  • Fernando Callo

    This video and tutorial just amazed me.

  • Kirk

    Great response from an awesome dad.

  • Impressed

    Fantastic work, fantastic gift, and the right thing to do for one’s dad.

  • BrokenHelix79

    I can’t say I’m surprised at your comment. There’s always at least one troll to cynically question and criticize something like this.

    When you buy your father or mother a present worthy of the lifetime of love and support they gave you, please post a video of it so we can trash you and your family.

  • Richard Ford

    Ah why bother. No comment from me. It wasn’t about the content anyhoo.

  • Becca Gulliver

    Awww, that’s such a sweet thing to do. Having myself received a nice car as a Christmas present in the past I can relate to it.

  • QuahogStewie

    Hey, you found something to complain about today! Good for you!

  • the_gator

    Great job, great present and great presentation.

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  • Jake

    Big whoop! Lee Morris’s dad got a 1968 Camaro just by having an awesome son! If you’re going to go all Auto-Dialer AT-5000 on us, at least try to 1-up the article we just read. Stupid spam-bots.

  • d

    super nice gift, but the i really can understand this 3d render looking photos. And again, a great gift!

  • Leah

    Lee, you spared no detail or expense in making your dad’s dream come true. With every step you took in preparing for that special moment I kept thinking what a huge heart you have and what a blessing it is for your dad to have such a loving caring son.

  • Pipo

    You are right. His dad could probably bought it himself; but, put yourself in his shoes. How would you feel if your child, someday, get you something that you have always wanted? No matter how expensive or cheap the gift is, the true value is “who” gives it to you. Also, people have different ways of showing their emotion. Some may get all excited and screaming while others may be just standing there, speechless, but crying out loud inside.