Polaroll: A Toilet Paper Dispenser Shaped Like a Polaroid Camera… Yes It’s Real


Okay, there just HAS to be a Polaroid lover and/or hipster on your Christmas list that would absolutely lose it if they unwrapped the Polaroll on December 25th. What is the Polaroll, you ask? It’s a toilet paper roll dispenser that is shaped like a Polaroid SX-70 One Step White/Rainbow camera.

There’s not much to describe here, since it’s pretty self-explanatory. The dispenser attaches next to your toilet like any typical dispenser, only instead of film, this camera lets you pull TP out of the place where photos would normally emerge.

As the description puts it:

The retro look is everywhere and your house has to follow the trend. The POLAROLL is the coolest toilet paper holder in history! It will give your bathroom 80’s style. Get instant paper!


If you want to pick one up for yourself or give that beard-growin’, record player-ownin’, flannel-wearin’ friend of yours a gag gift they’ll really appreciate, head over to DoIY Design and be ready to drop about $27.50. Or, alternatively, you could pony up 100 bucks and pick them up a real one… complete with film. We’ll leave that decision up to you.

  • Redstart

    Perfect! Now we can finally get some decent results on the paper from a Polaroid camera.

  • Norshan Nusi

    Not good.

    Someone might install a hidden camera at the lens.

  • Ruffis

    Perfect for the NSA.

  • kassim

    How about printable toilet paper so we can wipe our asses with somebody’s face? Hahahaha.

  • Burnin Biomass

    The Impossible Project just announced they will make a 8 sheet roll of paper to use in this, for only $20!

  • Leonardo Abreu


  • Ygor Oliveira