OKDOTHIS: An App for Photographers that Never Lets You Run Out of Ideas

One of the more difficult things about being a creative is having to come up with fresh ideas on a daily basis, constantly challenging yourself and expanding your horizons. These things aren’t always easy and it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a creative rut with (seemingly) nowhere to turn.

Thankfully, there’s a new app in town that is designed to help you out of those kinds of situations while simultaneously keeping you on your game even when you are inspired. It’s called OKDOTHIS.


OKDOTHIS is all about “bring[ing] idea sharing to your camera screen.” It’s an ‘idea database’ that is created by the community that uses it. Search through “DOs” or create some of your own and inspire others, however you choose to use it, OKDOTHIS is a great resource and maybe even a fun game that the whole photographic community can play amongst themselves.

DOs are split up by categories to make it easier to browse or search for the kind of idea you’re looking for. And, of course, you can also find and follow users who you find inspire you most often, while accruing followers of your own by coming up with awesome DOs and sharing creative photos in response to those DOs you choose to attempt.


As with all community driven apps, OKDOTHIS will only be as good as the photographers that use it. So far, it’s been out less than a week and already it’s the talk of the town, photographically speaking, so we have a feeling this is gonna be a big one.

To jump on board yourself, check out their website and learn more or head over to the iTunes App Store (sorry folks, no news of an Android version just yet) and pick up your own copy for $2. And once you do, be sure to share your experience with us in the comments down below!

  • Abe

    Please create an Android App!

  • Leif Sikorski

    There are many groups who do daily assignments on G+, Instagram and many other social networks. The concept is basically the same.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Seems like an interesting concept, but I can’t even clear my own backlog. Maybe I’ll check it out again when I’m suffering the photographer’s equivalent of a midlife crisis.

  • Ketix

    But then again, what hasn’t been done already? I think that this is a great idea, if at least to get you sidetracked from your ongoing projects. You know, could shake things up a few times to alter your perspective or someting like that…

  • frank mckenna

    i like it!

  • Stan B.

    WOW!!! Will go great with my all my other apps that tell me how to live my life in a predetermined formula: what to eat, what to wear, what to listen to, where to go… anything but actually have to try and think things out as if I have the ability to do it myself!

    I finally have the freedom to choose how to live and feel and be Exactly like everyone else!!!

  • Jason Philbrook

    I’ll die of old age before I photograph 1/10th of what I wish I could. And I’m not gray yet. People need to open their eyes and carry/use their camera instead of the phone.

  • charitaszn773

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  • Andy

    Can we install this on my Leaf-Aptus back so the Instagrammers can give me advice?

  • Kyle Sanders

    I think apps like this and sites like Pinterest are great for when you are trying to shoot in someone else’s style. I’m a huge fan of candid / unscripted photography, and posing somehow dispels the honesty in a photograph to me. To that end, I think the approach of H.C.B. or Vivian Meyer is king: 1 camera, 1 lens, 100,000 shots. Figure out out, then figure it out again – you are never done learning, there is no short cut. When someone wants me to take pictures of them and their kids / spouse / friend with everyone posed and smiling, ready to print out on the Christmas card – I feel like a fish out of water! Having something like a mental “deck of cards” to pull ideas from could really help you out then.

  • Bewar3them00n

    To the cynics, who think it’s just the latest fad/trendy app, and it’ll be full of clichēs, why not sign up, and show them something they haven’t seen? Just a thought..
    It’s often the new that inspires the old.

  • Martin Nilsson

    Google has had the “Schemer” app out for quite a while. Does about the same, but on a wider scale – “Are you curious? Ambitious? Daring? Start doing more awesome stuff by using Schemer.
    How does it work? It’s all about the schemes! A scheme is anything you might want to do – from taking a mixology course to surfing sand dunes.”

    I’m not sure if they made it for iOS, but for all us Android users I think we can do more with this app then “OKDOTHIS”.

  • jaime madera

    There used to be a method of jump starting creativity that comprised not reading anything for a week. Nothing, no papers, no book, not even the back of a cereal packet. Just turn the phone off for week.

  • herby heretic

    Why think for yourself when you can do what everybody else is doing? What a great idea! Sign me up!

  • Jake

    This sounds less like a critique of apps and more like a critique of yourself.

    I have no idea what these apps are that you’re lampooning, which direct you into some life formula, but if you’re letting your smartphone control your choices, you’re doing everything wrong. Case in point, this app is meant for inspiration, not dictation – a jumpstart for your car, not a chauffer.

  • Sid Ceaser

    While I dig the idea (c’mon, no Android support?) I gotta say – between the non-stop tweeting and FB posting by Cowart for this and all that “Squinch” over-exposure by Hurley, I’ve been cleaning out my FB and Twitter feeds. Too much is just too much.

  • Mike

    No man, you just need to bash your lens with a hammer, instant instagram!

  • Les

    There comes a point when the noise (and clamor for a buck) becomes a bit too much. OKDT might be that point for me. How does “What does your desk look like?” equate to photographic inspiration? Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    I could just imagine:

    “It was a cute idea until those folks from NatGeo and NASA started taking things too seriously with suggestions like ‘fisheye view inside a lion’s mouth’ and ‘capture an entire continent in a single shot’.”

  • Stan B.

    The only ‘jumpstart’ this will provide is the economic one for its creators from people too lazy, spoiled or unimaginative to come up with some of the most obvious ideas imaginable. Why sweat and struggle to boost your own creativity, when it can be bought for 2 bucks!?!?

    Creativity is about experiencing life, how you relate to others, how life relates to them- immersing yourself in this often insane, unpredictable, and constantly changing world. If you need a little app on a phone for inspiration, for the creative spark that will guide you and tell you what to do- that is just too freakin’ sad.

    Look Around You… There are people with major disabilities (physical, social, economic, etc) overcoming the tremendous obstacles that life has thrown their way, each and every day! Did they achieve their independence from some two bit app? They did it through perseverance, confronting life life head on, interacting with all kinds of people in all kinds of ways- by thinking for themselves.

    Yeah, we all need help, we all need inspiration at times- that’s when you have to make some hard choices, maybe at least try to be original, break a sweat, seek out and explore new avenues to get out of your comfort zone… Or you can get a phone app, and play with yourself.

  • MS


  • bummer

    so… i guess everyone with a smart phone is a photographer now?

  • Mike

    Dude, there are photographers with no image recording devices whatsoever now in some forums I see.

  • Jim Johnson

    I actually think that pinterest is the way you describe it (a kind of digital swipe book, in designer terms). The way I understand this app just gives assignments and you make what you can of it. It is a resource to get you taking pictures (working is the catalyst to inspiration) rather than taking a specific photo or a specific style.

  • person

    how much stake in this app does Cowart have? Seems like a lot by the frequency of his promotions.

  • Jerry Oldman

    We are not photographer, we are just teenagers with SLR/cameraphone…

  • charltongli494

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  • Robert Johnson

    Looks fun but not for $2. I rather get a coffee and go on flickr and pintrest and a few FB group that do the same thing

  • GG

    Excellent troll but sadly no-one bit.

  • Ana Telma Furtado

    PEOPLE! You are missing the point!
    Maybe the text is implying that the app is going to give you ideas for your next photoshoot, BUT IT’S NOT THAT!
    What the app does is to give you “shootlists” for you to train you craft. Activities like Look up (take pictures from a different perspective), inside the closet (take a picture of the interior of your closet), and then post your results to that activity,
    The app is great because it estimulates you to see things from a different angle, to try photography exercises that you would not normally do.
    And, like Leif Sikorski well put, there are many groups on Flickr and other forums that do the same, but a app for this is just awesome.

    Digg it! :)