Photographer John Clang and Skype Join Forces to Make You Cry… In a Good Way

Back in July, we told you about a heartwarming Skype campaign called “Stay Together.” Inspired by photographer John Clang’s viral photo series Being Together, the company got in touch with Clang to see if he would help them create a campaign/contest, the winner of which would be reunited with their distant friend or relative.

For months, people from all over the world sent in their stories and many of them won the opportunity to have Clang come take an “impossible family portrait” for them using Skype and a projector. But those were just the finalists… one of them would win an all-expenses-paid trip and be reunited with the other people in their portrait.

Sarah and her friend Paige (nicknamed “The Born Friends”) are the two who won this incredible opportunity, and nothing would do but to share their entire story and reunion to cap off the contest — we’re not saying you’re gonna cry… but you’re gonna cry. At the top we have the final video, and below the moment when Sarah was informed she would finally get a chance to meet Paige.

Many people submitted their stories to this contest, but once you hear theirs, you’ll understand why Sarah and Paige’s story stood out from the crowd.

Both were born with only one arm, their mothers finding each other online as a means of support even before they were born. The families eventually lost touch, but at 8 years old, Sarah sought Paige out and the two have been digitally inseparable ever since. We say digitally because they’ve actually never met in person — until Skype intervened, that is.

This one’ll hit your right in the feels, tug at your heart strings, or whatever other saying you wanna use for just being heartwarming as heartwarming gets. So check out the video at the top, hit up our previous coverage here, and see the photo series that started it all by clicking here.

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    Your headline has a typo.

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    Thank you for pointing that out! It’s been fixed :)

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    Yep got misty.

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    I really got to hand it to them… this is beautiful.

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    who is cutting onions at the office today?

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    Get back in there tear!

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    My eyes….they are sweating.

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    Awww…. I’m not saying I didn’t not not tear up!!

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    You guys – your comments are so funny! Definitely a tearjerker this, and ingenious marketing from Skype.

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    Wow great story is great marketing from Skype.

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    I would give up an arm for a quad-4wheeler or yamaha moto-cross bike. I have seen much more hardship than this. Unique obstacles sure. But nothing near deprivation I have seen or heard elsewhere outside the “comfy” USA. Good story bro… maybe next time get to the nitty gritty of hardships and bare bone core of what a fundamental obstacle is.