Pyle Audio Announces a GoPro-like Action Cam for Under $100


If you like the idea of having a GoPro or other action cam to capture all of your daredevil stunts but don’t readily have several hundred to drop on one, the company Pyle Audio just debuted something you might be interested in.

They’re calling it quite simply the “Hi-Speed HD Camera,” and by the looks of it its primary purpose will be to enable to you take photos and 120fps slow motion action cam footage on the cheap.

Under the hood, the camera boasts a 12-megapixel CMOS image sensor (no word on size) capable of recording 1080p Full HD video and VGA if you want 120fps, a 2.5-inch touch screen LCD and 4X digital zoom capability. And like the GoPro, it comes with a WiFi remote, waterproof case and multiple mounts/clips that’ll let you strap the camera to any number of things.

Obviously we’ll have to see it in action (no pun intended) before we can judge just how good the camera is, but we still haven’t covered the best part of the camera: the price. The camera is available in black, blue, grey, red and silver for only $99.99 from the Pyle Audio website (down as of this writing).

(via Engadget)

  • s0undmind

    The fact that their website won’t load seems a bad omen.

  • Brian Lovelace

    Oh god. Pyle is like the crap of crap audio. I stayed way the hell away from them when I was picking and choosing what to do my car stereo… stay awayyy.

  • MS

    Aaaaand then they got sued.

  • Nikki

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  • Vallo least I lost my doubts with this comment.

  • Dmitri Yakimov

    Site is up for now. Bur where are any samples? No videos, no shots, what the duck =(((

  • Dmitri Yakimov

    besides, Pyle doesn’t come as GoPro with a waterproof case. The case provided is just splashproof =

  • John Carlo Rocchetti

    According to the Engadget page this camera is capable of taking 120fps at VGA res not 1080p. Also this company seems extremely shady..

  • ocmmsac

    It was down so they could do mark up. It’s now $242. PetaPixel exposure made their greed come out…. and for that price you may as well put some more with it and get a GoPro.

  • MattSteeleLA

    Nah… no markup — if you hit “buy now”, it’s still selling for $99. They probably just upped the MSRP to make it seem like you’re getting a better deal. Like when you go to those closeout shopping sites and see a watch selling for $99 with an MSRP of $1,500. Then you find the same watch on a dozen different Google shopping sites for $110.

  • Fullstop

    the site looks like one of those camera shops you see on main street NYC or New Orleans. Shady salesmen selling questionable products.

  • Pfunk

    Out of curiosity I picked one up to see how it compares to gopro….it feels like a cheap knock off. I’ll be shooting a test over the weekend but I’d say off of first impressions, if you’re going to possibly destroy a camera for a shot it might be a good option.

  • Natalia molina

    under 100? god , this is interesting