How to Save Big Money by Not Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

Do you REALLY need to spend thousands on a pro? I don't think so.


What if I told that you could get wedding photos at a fraction of the cost that professionals will charge you, would you be interested in that? I bet you would because there are a heck of a lot of people out there that think wedding photographers are way too expensive, charging you thousands of dollars just for a few pictures.

Now, I’m not proposing that you have your guest snap shots with their iPhones. I’m also not going to propose that you wear a hat with a GoPro attached to it. With my plan, you will use the same equipment, the same software and the same techniques that the pros use to get you those super fancy wedding photos you see people posting on Facebook and Pinterest.

My plan will show you how to do everything the pros do so that you can save your precious money and spend it on something more valuable like his and her diamond-encrusted wedding cake toppers.

Everyone wants to look beautiful in their wedding day photos, but do you really need to spend thousands on a photographer?


Introduction: The average professional wedding photographer is going to charge you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Now, as you know, the average wedding photographer is going to charge you big bucks for taking a few pictures. If you’re like most people, you’ll probably end up paying about $2,500 for a professional photographer. Now, of course, they will have an average of about 5 to 10 years experience and probably have shot scores of weddings, but come on, thousands of dollars for a few pictures?

I’m going to show you how to do it for a fraction of the cost they will charge you. You’ll save so much money you can buy those customized monogramed M&M’s with each of your initials that will look beautiful on the cake table.

Wedding Photographers like this guy will charge you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars just for pictures. You’ll notice many photographers wear shades to avoid direct eye contact with you when discussing their rates.


Step 1: Rent the same cameras and lenses the pros use (Estimated Cost — $1,170)

If you want the same result you’re going to want to use the same top notch equipment the pros use. Most people know that the secret to awesome photos is the camera. So let’s go right to the source and avoid the silly middle man and save some big time money. There are places like and where you can go and get wedding rental packages that the pro’s use. These places are awesome by the way, I use them all the time.

Since professionals usually have at least two photographers at an event, I am going to recommend that you get two packages. You’ll need two lens bodies and two multiple lens packages and strobes. My recommendation is to get those packages for at least a week because you’re going to need to train your recruits (newbies right off the street) to use those fancy cameras the right way.

I added it up for you and you can basically get two Canon 5D’s and wedding lens packages each for about $1,169. That includes the insurance, mind you. If someone drops the camera in the fountains of chocolate, you don’t want to be on the hook for the $3,000 or more to replace the camera.

As you ponder all your savings, let your mind wander to the possibility of hiring Celine Dion to fly in and personally sing your wedding dance song for you because that could happen with all the money you are pocketing at the moment.

Rent the Canon 5D. These cameras seemingly produce extraordinary photographs on their own.


Step 2: Rent your tripods, soft boxes and memory cards (Estimated Cost — $250)

Now, it’s a bit annoying but let’s not forget some of the accessories that you’re going to need to pull it off. You’ll need two soft boxes to diffuse the light to get that “Wedding Look”. Also, you’ll need some stands to hold the lights, a couple of tripods and of course memory cards.

I priced it out and we are still doing great. For about $250 you can get all these necessary extras to complete your package. *cha ching!* — ring up the savings. Is it too late to call the hotel and upgrade to the Deluxe Seafood Towers as appetizers for the guest instead of those little mushroom caps filled with spinach?

You are going to need some soft boxes to get that “Wedding Look” with your photos.


Step 3: Recruit two friends or starving college students to snap the photos for you (Estimated Cost — $320)

Now that you have the best cameras, which will practically shoot award-winning photos on their own, you can recruit people to do the shooting for you. My recommendation is to recruit two semi-distant friends who are not already guests and who won’t be offended that you didn’t invite them in the first place.

If that’s not possible you can always recruit some starving college students willing to work on the cheap. When I was in college someone actually paid me to lay down a cement driveway for them and I had no experience in that, so why the heck not. The driveway had a real rustic and uneven appeal to it I must say, but the best thing of all is they saved money!

For about $20 an hour my guess is that you can get two newbie photographers for about eight hours or even the entire day. That’s only $320! Thinking about how wedding photographers charge thousands really chaps my hide when I realize how much can be saved.

Modern fancy cameras have made photography so easy that photographers are essentially like robots clicking buttons for you.


Step 4: You’re going to need a couple of books and video tutorials (Estimated Cost — $200)

Now the fancy equipment you’re using is going to require some basic working knowledge of the camera itself. I would budget in about $200 to cover the cost of some photography books, video tutorials and to pay the recruited photographers for their time to learn the camera equipment.

You don’t want your photographers not knowing the absolute basics of photography before entrusting them with the most important day of your life right?

As you are perusing your photography books don’t be surprised if you find yourself Google searching the possibility of having the entire wedding party carried into the ceremony by a parade of Arabian Horses and Belly Dancers. You’ll need to spend all the money you’re saving on photography somewhere else and that sounds like it could make for some interesting photos actually.

You’re gonna want a book like this at least a few days before you get married to study up.


Step 5: Shoot away, tell the photographer to go nuts (Estimated Cost — FREE)

This is the best part. All the photos that you want to take on your wedding day are free. So instruct the photographers you have recruited to go ballistic. Machine gun blast photos everywhere of everyone. Get right in front of the altar if necessary and shoot at 9 fps to get each and every nuance.

Now professional photographers are going to know exactly when and where to shoot and how to do it with minimal intrusion on the ceremony or guests, but that’s just not feasible here. So I’m going to recommend the shock and awe strategy of having your photographers machine gun shoot as many shots as possible.

Instruct your photographer to be aggressive and absolutely everywhere at once for the best results. If they are not conspicuously shooting everywhere at 9 frames per second, they are probably missing something important.


Step 6: Photoshop those pictures! (Estimated Cost — $200)

Thank God for Adobe Creative Cloud. Now instead of spending thousands on Photoshop tools that the photographers use, you can subscribe to a monthly service and get it for about $100 for a couple of months while you work on your pictures.

Now, you’re going to want to get some tutorials and books to help you learn how to use Photoshop so make sure you budget that in there too. Bottom line, however, is that your Photoshop costs in total are going to be a steal at around $200 for everything.

Since Photoshop is extremely tricky, I am going to recommend that you spend at least 40 hours learning the basics of cropping, layers, filters, plugins, masks, dodging, burning, vignetting, selective blur, overlays, lens correction, sharpening and smoothing. These are just the basics, however, and we can’t expect you to reach pro level. After all, many of those professional wedding photographers probably have several thousand hours experience working with Photoshop and associated tools.

They also probably have at least $1,000 worth of additional Photoshop plug-ins to make your pictures look beautiful. But remember, the objective here is saving money! And we are!

With Photoshop you’ll be creating glamorized wedding shots that make the bride look amazing, just like this actually.


Step 7: You’re going to need to store and share the pictures. (Estimated Cost — $60 first year)

You are nearly there and you are saving money! Now you are going to want to use a site that will allow you store those photos so that you can share them with friends and family. You will probably have thousands and thousands of pictures to store.

Storing them is cheap though. You can use a site like SmugMug and get a full year of beautiful photo sharing for only about $60.

Step 8: Get your prints (Estimated Cost — $200)

Since most professional photographers are going to give you a couple of hundred prints with their packages, you’ll want to budget in about $200 to get 200 high quality 5 by 7 photos from the event.

You can even go to WalMart and get super cheap budget prints and that will only cost you about $120. There are tons of ways to save money on wedding photos! By now you’re probably wondering why you didn’t plate your wedding cake in edible gold with the money you saved on photos.

Conclusion: You Just saved a boatload of money. You’re welcome.

You can thank me later for saving you a ton of money. If you followed my instructions, you just managed to shoot your wedding for a mere fraction of what it would have cost you with a professional. With my program, which gets you using the same incredible equipment and tools the pro’s use, you can save yourself an incredible $100. That’s a whopping 4% savings for you, Mr. DIY guy/gal.


Now, granted, you did have to spend close to 100 hours of your time renting, learning and editing, but that has got to be worth all the money you saved. If you saved $100 and spend 100 hours additional time that means that you just earned an incredible $1 an hour for every hour you spent. Now, that has to feel good. Let me know how this works out for you.

About the author: Frank McKenna is an amateur photographer based in La Jolla, California. You can find him on his blog, 500px, Tumblr, and Google+.

Image credits: penny-pincher by theilr, Canon 5D photograph by Charles Lanteigne

  • Darlene Hildebrandt

    I never said I did 2000 weddings, 200 maybe. Never said I was famous either, well known in my city yes. As for profit that’s another matter. Most full time photographers make about 10-20% profit so from that $4000 I might have $400-800 for my business after I paid for: rent, telephone, advertising, staff, utilities, insurance, webhosting and internet fees, professional membership fees, education, conferences, travel to conferences, software, computer hardware, new cameras, lenses and equipment, projection equipment, vehicle expenses, etc. Running a photography “business” is not cheap and it’s people like you that make it impossible to do it full time with a retail studio location because you give it away. $4000 and about 50 hours of work which includes: an hour to meet them initially before they book, another hour for booking and engagement planning, 2 hours to go shoot the engagement portraits, an hour to cull and proof the engagement photos, another hour to meet them and preview the eng photos to make their choices, 30-60 min to process and order them, a final hour pre-wedding meeting, 1-2 hrs wedding prep time, up to 12 hrs to shoot it, culling and editing 20 hrs (and that’s to proof level which is adjust exp, contrast, etc not retouched), 3-4 hrs to meet them and album plan (I help my clients do that not leave them with it on their own), another 5-10 hrs to edit their choices and design and order an album. Final hour or so to deliver products and meet them one last time…

    So you tell me all that is not worth my $4000! For $1000 what do they get? 4 hrs you show up, shoot it and hand them a disk of unedited photos? NOW who’s making the killing? You’re getting $250/hr I get about $50 if I’m really lucky. But who provides a better, more full service, professional service? Sorry this is not a new argument and I am not the most expensive in my area. My clients also thank me profusely and send me more business.

  • Darlene Hildebrandt

    yeah right, IF Chase did weddings he’d be charging 20k and up, get real.

    No I’ve never shot celebrity weddings – just ones for real people who want good photos and know what it costs. You don’t need to have “heard” of me, you don’t live in my city and I didn’t promote outside of it so why would you have.

  • Marty Cutter

    Sheesh, wake up people. The author was engaging in something called “sarcasm”…

  • Finn MacNiell

    Besides, nothing to stress about because you can always just reshoot.

  • Finn MacNiell

    besides, just how important are those photos when the chance of the marriage lasting is pretty slim.

  • Finn MacNiell

    I disdained wedding photography because i was an artist. A good friend of mine merged into weddings, she did not like to work very often, but did do about 15 weddings a year. By the time she quit she was charging $10,000 for the top package but she was selective, only working with folk who saw the value of her work (She was lucky enough to live in LA where quality is a standard). She quit for personal reasons, nothing to do with the biz itself.

  • Tim Seaver

    I would have to disagree. Keeping the files of someone’s wedding is just cruel and greedy, but that’s just my opinion.

    Every wedding ( or any event I have shot) I have shot has been with all the files going to the client. It’s THEIR day, not mine.

  • clifflwms

    I want to know where to rent a 5D that shoots at 9fps :-)

  • EKF

    Darlene well said and explained! It’s so sad when photographers have no business sense. But then again, they won’t last in the industry either.

  • Audrey Zao

    I appreciate the satire of this article, but I have to say… a lot of people have photoshop (-$200), have at least one friend with a nice camera (-$1,169), not to mention hiring a couple talented photography post grad doesn’t need a tutorial and probably has their own cam (-$200), I don’t know the going rate, but film PAs can get paid $125-150/12 hours and that’s an excellent rate (-$320 + $300).

    So I just saved you an additional $1,589!

    But like the article says, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and a guarantee of quality, by just hiring professionals with reputable reputations and beautiful portfolios.

  • Aaron Abbott

    I think David Jay stole some of your material to teach new photographers with “The System”.

  • Ceasar

    Who ever wrote this article is an IDOT! We all know that the secret to great photos is the camera? Lol, I suppose the secret to great food is the oven? Having talent is worth far more than $2500 on one of the most special days of your life. You can do your own brain surgery too but your going to be very disappointed at the end results!

  • N8n

    Actually, the author did an amazing job with this.
    I suppose I probably shouldn’t be, but I’m genuinely shocked to see how much satire is completely lost on you, and so so many others commenting here.

    For all of you who still just don’t “get it” here’s a quick paraphrase/summary of what the article was ACTUALLY saying:
    “If you’ve priced wedding photography, you’ve probably found an average price of around $2500 in the modern market to hire an established pro. You might have reacted that it’s a lot to just take pictures, so here’s what it would take to do it yourself: rent stuff, pay untrained people a pittance to run the stuff you rented, spend a bunch of time trying to use software you rented, save $100 and have a much worse experience with much worse results… Now you decide if it’s worth it or not.”

    Of course, the actual article is FAR more entertaining to read, and made me laugh several times. Partly because I’ve heard the same arguments in a genuine (non-satirical) context from people before.

    If you need to, go google the definition of the term “Satire.”

  • Red Scott

    Just shoot fashion, and the whole arguement is moot :-)

  • EricJG

    Seriously. I’m about as creatively inept as you can get but I don’t pretend that I can take anything better than amusing cat pictures with my camera.

  • Ellie Gillard

    Tristin – you seriously couldn’t detect an underlying sarcastic tone? I think you need your irony-ometer checking.

  • Chris Rakoczy

    You DO realize this was satire, not serious, right?


    People spend tons in buffet, ceremony, dress and on..but the only thing that you will be able to see for the rest of your life are the photos.
    Do it yourself and regret for the rest of your life.

    I wonder what they have served to eat on your wedding. Most likely microwaved Popcorn and tap water.
    You probably bought your bride’s dress on a website’s deal for second hand clothes.

    Get a life would ya?



  • Chris Rakoczy

    The average for the sort of people that are penny-pinching probably IS around $1000-3000. Not the average across the entire market. The sort of people that are spending $4k, 6k, 8k and up probably aren’t arguing over a hundred bucks here and there and already understand your value as a creative professional. Different market / audience, that’s all.

  • Catherine Fiehn

    Post editing is what separates the real photographers from the noobies who shoot and hand over the disk. That is where the final touches are added in or removed. Blemishes, exit signs, stray hairs, cropping and toning etc. I to have done over 1000 and my average is $4000+ Put your unedited images next to someone who does great post editing and the couple who sees the difference will find the money. I have bride’s whose shoes cost more then $1000. Is that all your art is worth something that can be walked on? I have no doubt this guy made that average. I’ve had people spend $6800 who lived in a average home with an average job because they saw the difference.

  • Catherine Fiehn

    No that is with a person who lives in an average house perhaps a teacher or policeman. I would never include The Donald’s daughters wedding in this average because the happen but it isn’t the norm. People spend huge money on other things all the time. Price e-rings or find out what they spent on flowers or the honeymoon and you will soon feel slighted.

  • Catherine Fiehn

    The couple spends an average of $204 per guest, just saying.

  • Jack Conner

    Real photographers, models, MUA’s and artists… they don’t need high end equipment and budgets and the pretentiousness that some carry, ABSOLTELY, their work speaks for themselves and you can find SO MANY talented individuals on places like Deviantart and all over, however, people that truly shoot weddings… I don’t envy them as it’s work.

    That said, photography has become an f’ing joke these days. Everyone running around with a prosumer DSLR or iPhone5 and Instagram and who can’t take a photo to save their life.

    Hell, look at model mayhem and you’ll find about 80% of the models there who are trying to be models (because too many guys used that line to get in their pants) and I simply tell them, “You standing in front of a camera and simply saying, “I’m a model, pay me” is like me wearing a cap that reads, ‘NASA’ and stating that I’m an astronaut. Please stay in school and get a career. The real models bring it and work hard.
    As far as shooting goes, I refuse to shoot weddings or babies, even though people are always saying, “Oh my god! Your photography captures the emotion and feeling as if you were there.” Yeah, because I compose my shot and know how to use the light. I’ve been shooting since 1984 and therefore, my photos don’t look flat and DMV license appropriate.

    I can’t decide if this article is done in satire or some douche recommending that people shoot their own weddings, thereby eliminating more jobs in America? I mean, as it stands, we are nothing more than a service industry these days so, perhaps everyone should all be standing around in a big circle jerk… jerking the person off to the right with their left hand and passing the money around the circle from one to the other with the right.

  • Stewart P Point

    You can go to the library and get the books out for free! another 200 buckoroos saved!!!!

  • GerardTomkoPhoto

    Let me add something that Darlene did not and that is experience! I have been photographing wedding “professionally” ( key word here) for 33 years. What I charge is around the $6000.00 figure also and I do not photograph movie stars, athletes, etc. I photograph normal couples who care and value what I do. However the key to this argument is EXPERIENCE! Show me any profession, Doctor, accountant, computer programmer, Office admin – ANYONE who has been in their chosen profession for 30+ years and show me or tell me that they do not deserve to be paid more than someone just entering the same ” chosen profession”. You all have to crawl before you walk and some who are just doing photography for maybe 5 years THINK they could charge that much but they have not gone through the education, the learning curve, the seminars, the print competitions, and the constant education that I and many others have. I still say give all these ” so-called professionals” who ” have a passion for photography” a roll of film, turn off the back of their screen and tell them to make at least ” correct” images. If they all have a ” passion for photography since they were a small child”, where were they in the film days?

  • SchroderEUA

    Wow i cant beieve how stupid people are. They read this and think its serious.

  • Dan

    I am not a pro photographer but this information is laughable. It’s the equivalent to saying you should rent a nice sounding piano for a newbie to play instead of the expensive musician. There is a huge learning curve to operating camera gear in a way that will produce the results you want. Not to mention an eye for capturing moments that the years of a veteraned pro will give you. Consumer awareness is important and the author of this article is clearly oblivious to the value of an honest profession.

  • Photographer

    What a joke!!, Professional photographs spend years perfecting the craft. we also spend thousands of dollars on equipment, one of my lenses is $3000 and we do all of this so we can show up and capture YOUR wedding so you have incredible images that last a life time. What if i told you that you could be a mechanic simply by renting out some gear and watching a few how to videos online ? does that sound like a good idea?. The fact is when you pay next to nothing for a wedding photographer that is the quality you will get. and in this whole post at the bottom you give out a photo credit? are you kidding me.. if you feel that photographers are useless remove these images from your post. and the fact that you call yourself an amateur photographer is actually funny because with this kind of attitude that is all you will ever be, I hope one day you have a camera body fail and you can’t afford to replace it because people are replacing your services by hiring friends and family for next to nothing.. you are honestly an idiot

  • AIP3

    You do realise that this is satire?

  • Pit

    have you ever heard of satire? omg you are too funny

  • Robert Johnson

    2 photags could be on CL for cheaper than 320. Maybe even free. Plus can get the books and training online for free. Photo storage no need for that cost, also printing at Costco or Walmart would be cheaper.

  • Robert Johnson

    I see average 5k wedding photags here in DC area. They are the high crop but not doing the Celebs or Politicians. For that you need to go 5 digits for $$$$$

  • Southern_Mud

    You can’t be serious. If you are, I would like you to find the closest wall, and proceed to bang your head against it repeatedly, until you pass out. When you awake, maybe you’ll have a sense of humor. If not, repeat the process over again until you get the desired results. Thank you.

  • That Guy

    $6k is not alot for a wedding photographer, if you are running a legit photography business and producing great work you shouldnt have any problem booking 20 weddings a year for 6k . If you are a photographer and you are charging less than 3k for a wedding with a 2nd shooter and you pay taxes, insurance, continuing education, and all the other good things a real photography business should be doing, then you are working for less than 20.00 an hr at 3000 per wedding. Average cost in america for a wedding photographer as of December 2013 is 3500.00. I dont think the amount of photographers is killing the industry and driving cost down. I think that the photographers who dont value their work and dont know how to run a legit business is killing the industry. Good article BTW made me chuckle!

  • Eddie sammich

    Tristin are you ignant? Did you actually think this was not satire?

  • Darren L Gill

    This is perfect, and damn funny as well. It certainly is a hot button topic for both sides of this issue. As a photographer I recognize the satire here, and it can serve as a lesson to those couples who may be looking for ways to save money on their weddings and think doing it this way may be an option. I think most of us understand the need for people to find creative ways to stretch their budgets in these tough economic times, However I consistently here of the horror stories from uniformed couples that have chosen to cut corners on their wedding pictures, and then regretted for many years after the fact, or worse yet had to pay anyway to have a makeup shoot done. When that happens everyone looses. What i find interesting and annoying is when people argue over this issue and they present it as if its ridiculous to spend 10 to 20 percent of a wedding budgets on pictures. This makes no sense at all, when you think about what photography is and what it represents. Not only is it the most time consuming of all the services you would be paying for, not only are you paying for unique pieces of art featuring you and your friends and family, but other then your rings it is the only lasting thing from one of the biggest days of any couples life. Photos will be shared with family and friends, and displayed on your wall, carried around in your wallets, on your desks at work. Wedding photos have a unique place in a couples life for the remainder of their married life, yet some people seem to think they should pay way less for photos, then a cake, or the dress, or the venue. Those same people, most of the time, would still like to enjoy looking at all those things, to bring back memories every once in a while with friends and family. Try doing that without nice photos.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    not really very funny…i kinda think you FAILED

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    There are people out there that will fall for this crap….i have heard of weddings where they hand out disposable cameras to the guests, who then turn them in at the end of the night.

  • marti.g2

    Unfortunately mediocrity has become the norm for society anymore. Technology has created that and social media had
    instilled it into the American public in all aspects of life, not just wedding photography.

  • Aleeya Hargrove

    When i first read the title I thought oh great here we go again but I really enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek reality of the article.

  • MK

    So I took photos at my cousins wedding. She had a professional photographer also. I handed her the disk un edited. It was nice when she said she preferred my photos (no charge I took them because I love to take pictures) over the pricey ones that took forever to get back and it wasn’t the free part she liked it was the way I captured the people, differently then the photographer as if they were family and friends and not just a subject like the professional did… does that make sense?

  • John

    That article is sarcasm pure and simple…you are reading way too much into it. It is a satirical way to show that professional wedding photographers are worth the cost

  • John

    charges and whether or not it is overchargingyou really have no clue about the wedding photo business do you? You should do some research before you jump to conclusions about what a photographer

  • Steven

    ROFL!! You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. First off, Jarvis is a commercial photographer who charges hundreds of thousands of dollars for shooting ad campaigns. He uses helicopters, and more gear than I could dream of (which he has to pay for somehow). Also, anyone who would reference him as being a top of field photographer obviously hasn’t studied any real artists. People come to us to purchase a service. Some people are tighwads who are not willing to pay for said service, or just can’t afford to, which is fine. Not everyone can afford $10,000 wedding photography. I can’t afford to drive a Lamborghini, but that doesn’t make a guy selling Lamborghinis a rip off, or the reason people won’t buy cars. Go back to school and learn a thing or two about business… and art while you’re at it.

  • boredof hearingtears

    Sorry you are kidding yourselves…
    Actual figures hence the above rant fail…

    Camera Equipment Rental………..$0
    Most students have a Eos 550, 7D, 5dmk2 d60 all bought by mom and dad for their art course. Quite often I see guests at weddings, usually frustrated house wives that hubby fobbed off with a 1dmk4 or 1dx and a canon 100-400mm so she shuts up, and he can ease the guilt while he sleeps with the baby sitter.

    Camera Accessories…..$0
    They wont use flash, and will just go arty…

    2 Newbie togs… $50 and food/beer
    Art college students, amateurs and so called semi pro togs desperate to justify their existence will work for less than that.

    Photography tutorials….£0
    Youtube..everythings on there for free or dev art, full manual ‘P’ mode for the useless (P = Professional mode you know)

    Photoshop Subs….$0
    When have you ever seen a student pay for photoshop? really dream on!

    lolz some tatty old cd or facebook transfer

    who prints any more? it goes on facebook.

    Total…..$Bride don’t give a rats bum.

    Fact is, on full auto, with kit lenses and basic skill in pointing a camera the right way round, these togs will produce better images than many people I see everyday posing as professionals. So people will be happy with what they get…they dont know any better and most importantly….they just don’t give a poop. Not one bride who reads this will care… Sorry to shatter the illusion.

    If you are trying to compete in the pondlife bottom feeding end of photography then what do you expect… If you can’t get 1.5k for a wedding then seriously you need to improve your photography to make it look worth it. You are only worth what you are paid, not what you think you should be paid…. If you get weddings over 1.5k all day and every day…stop crying about it.

    Now get back to work, make money not tears.
    Pro commercial, sports and wedding photographer
    20 years and still flying higher and higher

  • Jody Rakow Waltman

    No, it’s not written to degrade and slander photographers. It’s a piece of satire, meant to point out the ridiculous assumptions that people make about the cost of hiring a photographer. It’s a shame that you didn’t recognize that this is satirical in nature.

  • rickbooker

    Ceasar when trying to call someone else an idiot it’s always a good idea to make sure you don’t make yourself look like an “IDOT” in the process.

  • GTZaptos

    tm: “gross” NOT net…, are you still in business?

  • GTZaptos

    “I think that the photographers who don’t value their work and don’t know how to run a legit business is killing the industry”- this statement really sums up all this discussion.