The edgertronic: A Small and Affordable Super Slow-Motion Camera


High resolution, super slow-motion video is usually reserved for movie studios or individuals with very deep pockets. Once the frame rate capabilities reach into the thousands, the price range often hits the tens of thousands.

Two MIT-trained engineers are looking to change all that, and with their new edgertronic super slow motion camera, they’ve done just that.

The edgertronic is named after famed MIT professor and photographer Harold Eugene “Doc” Edgerton, who inspired creator Mike Matter to attend MIT in the first place. The edgertronic is a “real professional quality slow motion [camera] that you can actually own and use,” says Matter, “a high-speed camera that Doc Edgerton would be proud of.”


Created in partnership with co-founder and software architect Juan Pineda, the edgertronic is a full-color super slow-motion camera with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024. At that resolution, you can capture video at up to 494 frames per second, but if you drop the resolution, you can crank the frame rate as high as 17,791!

Here are a couple of sample videos taken with the most current edgertronic prototype:

As you can see, the quality truly is professional grade. And what’s more, the edgertronic is smaller than most slow motion cams on the market as well, making it more portable and convenient. The front of the camera features a simple Nikon F-mount, while the back offers an ethernet port, two USB ports and an audio out.

Now that the prototype is off the ground, the team needs to raise the funding to manufacture the camera. And so, as you might expect, they’ve taken to Kickstarter:

“We started this project for one simple reason,” says the edgertronic team. “There are no low-cost high-speed video cameras that offer the video quality that professional photographers demand.”

Getting your own edgertronic will require a pledge of about 5 grand, and although we wouldn’t exactly classify this as “low-cost,” relative to the competition, it’s downright cheap.

With 13 days left in the campaign, the team has raised just over $53,000 of the $97,900 it needs to make the edgertronic a reality. If you’d like to learn more about the camera or help them reach their goal by pledging to buy an edgertronic of your own, head over to the campaign page by clicking here.

Pledgers can snag their own edgertronic and accessory pack — which includes an ethernet cable, power adapter, Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens and more — for $4,895, with the first models scheduled to ship in December of this year.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    dat lens ^^

  • Cinekpol

    Nikon F? Bummer. :/

  • Nate Parker

    That is freekin awesome! I Must have one!!

  • Bill Binns

    Ouch. “Affordable” sure is a relative term.

  • harumph

    Huh? The lens isn’t the exciting part.

  • Eugene Chok

    for a 5 grand pledge i want much much much better glass :(

  • Antonio Carrasco

    This sounds amazing, I’m not bashing it at all.

    But a super-high speed camera is something you usually rent rather than buy because you’re not going be needing super slo-mo shots every day.

    Just my opinion…

  • edgertronic

    It’s a kit lens. You can always upgrade. We put the good stuff ($$$) inside.

  • Bill Binns

    Thats a good point. If the thing takes off maybe the rental services will pick some up. I would defnitely pay $50-$100 a day to rent this thing. I always wanted to take one of those super slo-mo shots of my dog shaking the water out of his fur.

  • David

    Now let Magic Lantern get ahold of one!

  • NegativeNelly

    GoPro 4 is coming out with 120 FPS at 1080P and 240 FPS at 720P. No need for this junk.

  • Videorebels

    GoPro is for automatic wide shots only. It is awesome on his role, but is another thing ..have a little respect please. Great job with this camera

  • Ken Elliott

    GoPro? Gee, the Nikon V1 shoots at 400 fps to 1600 fps in slo-mo. But the Edgertronic is in a whole different league.

  • bgrady413

    If it were actually “affordable” like the article eluded to then I would use it everyday! Mostly just for fun.

  • shoop_da_whoop

    impressive at first. after reading the specs (i.e. the resolution at 17.791fps for example) it doesn’t sound that great. and 5k isn’t really what you’d call affordable, huh? spend a grand more and get a (maybe used, but in good condition) FS700. there, you’ll have a fully useable camera with slow motion as a bonus. 200fps at 1080p, and up to 960fps (in NTSC mode) – sure, only with part of the sensor used, but actually much more than – let’s say standard definition with the edgertronic (sure, almost double the framerate… but… meh.) I’m not convinced by this camera..

  • FFPUrbex

    It is very “affordable” for a slow-motion camera.

  • Michael Lohrum

    I like how someone can pore there life, sweat and blood into a project just to have people post a bunch of negative comments. If thous people would spend half the time creating something instead of just trying to tare others down maybe this world would be a better place.

  • Cameron Glynnerix

    i want to buy. sooooo price?

  • Pacquito Serada

    GoPro ? Are you just kidding us ? Did you ever heard talking about rolling shutter and crappy Cmos technology ?