DxO FilmPack 3 Film Emulation Software is Free Until October 31st


Want to quickly make your digital photos look like analog ones without shelling out big bucks for paid software by VSCO and DxO? You’re in luck: for a limited time, DxO is giving away free licenses for the previous version of its creative image processing program FilmPack 3. By comparison, VSCO charges $119 for its film emulation packs, and DxO charges $79 for FilmPack 4.

All you need to do is visit the promo page and enter an email address the activation code should be sent to. The software download weighs in at about 280MB. This promo ends on October 31st, 2013, so act soon if you’d like this free program.

DxO FilmPack 3 Free License [DxO via Reddit]

  • gregorylent

    is it any good?

  • Alex Christianson

    It’s ok, but it’s nothing special. I suppose it’s just a quick fix to spending time using Photoshop.
    I’ve had a little play around with it, and I’ll probably keep it and use it from time to time… but I’ll more than likely stick with PS to get just the look and feel that I want.

    All that said… it’s free. Can’t grumble at marked-down software.

    Edit: Alternatives to Photoshop are available. Purely mentioned that piece of software as it’s my prefered choice ;)

  • 3ric15

    I agree to what Alex said. Its okay. It’s kind of like an advanced Instagram but less for hipsters, and more technical. There are a bunch of film presets and then you can change the contrast, grain, saturation, exposure, etc.The color effects are pretty neat. I say give it a go.

  • TomLeVine

    Its nice to have free stuff but you still need PS or LR to run it?

    Anyone know of a cheap online retailer to pick up a copy of LR for a good price…can be LR4 or even 3 if the price is right…

  • Norshan Nusi

    Thanks! ^^

  • seoras

    No you don’t. Will run on its own

  • Dave

    i just downloaded it… nothing you cant do with just a few clicks
    Pain in the a** to uninstall


  • TomLeVine

    Thanks @48388f31123dc49bfe576990c664db00:disqus! I thought it was like an add-on.


  • Mary

    NO thanks, I’d rather shoot real film. Fuji Neopan 1600 is a black and white film. If they’re going to try to imitate a film look they should at least get that much correct.

  • superduckz

    Played with it this weekend. It’s fun if you’re shot is already close and you just want to kick it a little bit towards a film look. Like someone said Instagram for “non-hipsters”

  • Chris Newhall

    Maybe they meant Superia? Either way, a stupid mistake they should have caught.

  • sleepinghouse

    are you just supposed to receive an email with the activation code after the trial?
    I downloaded it and it says it is a trial.

  • Marita

    Works great thanks! Love the grainy Kodak 400 filter!