Mrpimpgoodgame: The Instagram Selfie Sensation


Benny Winfield Jr, perhaps better known as mrpimpgoodgame, has almost 36,000 followers on Instagram and plans to put his face on a T-Shirt that will likely sell pretty well if he does. What did the Huston, TX resident do to earn this kind of Internet fame and recognition? Why, he took selfies of course.

Winfield Jr.’s Instagram profile is proof that simplicity pays dividends on the Internet. If you visit @mrpimpgoodgame, you’ll find one thing and one thing only: selfies of Winfield giving you his signature smile. And yet, it worked.

“When I first looked at Instagram I didn’t see anything original,” Winfield said in an interview with BuzzFeed. “So I thought what if I just do this, just put out pictures of myself. You don’t see that regularly on Instagram.”

Of course, you might disagree with his assertion that selfies (or even people who only post selfies) aren’t common on Instagram, but you can’t argue with his results — he’s currently gaining a few hundred followers every few minutes. In fact, in the time it’s taken to write this post, he’s gone from under 36,000 followers to over 37,000.

And how did he do it? Besides simply being himself and doing something he felt was original/different, he tells would-be Instagram sensations that he strives to always interact with his fans and embrace criticism.


After all, it was criticism that put him on the road to Instagram stardom:

I was on Instagram for about a year and not getting much of a response, then Julia Beverly from Ozone Magazine noticed me and called me out, said something like ‘creepy ass, good game is following me.’

I didn’t like that very much at first, got into it a little bit with her on Twitter. Then I started getting thousands of requests to follow people on Instagram, and I realized what was going on and I thanked her.

Sure, this may be one of the more ridiculous stories we’ve ever featured, but there are a few lessons there if you look really closely. Embrace criticism, interact with your fans and be different are all good pieces of advice … whether your goal is to become an Instagram sensation, or just a successful photographer.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • 554543

    36000 followers.. shows that a great percentage of humans are retarded today.

  • Jack Spratt

    36,000 out of 7.023 billion humans on earth would come out to about 0.0000512601452%, I think.

  • ennuipoet

    It’s all well and good the guy is going viral, but please, let’s pretend it has ANYTHING to do with photography. In fact, the more crap like this happens the further Instagram is removed from it’s erroneous association with photography. Eventually, people will repost whatever George Takei has posted today and the process will be complete.

  • Stefano Druetta

    I love the guy. seriously, I can’t say if he’s a genius or an imbecile. all I know he put a smile on my face too.
    still I don’t see the point in following him, he seems rather predictable.

  • Sean M Stitt

    lol, “rather predictable”

  • Carlos Osterling

    Hmmmm… I wonder what he will post next?

  • Stefano Druetta

    exactly :D thus I’m not following the guy

  • 9inchnail

    Let’s say Instagram users are representative for the general populace. Instagram has about 80 million users. 36.000 out of 80 mio. ist about 0,05%. Let’s be realistic, far more people have to be considered retarded and I think the number of Justin Bieber’s followers on Twitter is a far better indicator. Twitter has about 500 mio. users, Bieber has 44,5 mio followers, which leads us to a total of about 9% retarded people. Sounds realistic.

  • Oj0

    My money is on a portrait shot.