Uploading Too Many Photos to Facebook Makes People Like You Less, Study Finds


Those of you who have been waiting for a scientific reason to tell some of your friends to stop cluttering your Facebook News Feed with a new photo every 5 minutes need wait no more. A new study out of the UK examining the effects of sharing photos on social networks recently found that uploading too many photos (as well as the wrong type) can actually make people like you less.

The study — a collaboration between four UK Universities titled Tagger’s Delight? Disclosure and liking in Facebook: The effects of sharing photographs amongst multiple known social circles — offers concrete proof that over-sharing can actually harm your relationships.

“Our research found that those who frequently post photographs on Facebook risk damaging real-life relationships,” explains lead author Dr. David Houghton. “This is because people, other than very close friends and relatives, don’t seem to relate well to those who constantly share photos of themselves.”


But it’s not just the number of photos you share, it’s the type as well. Sharing self-photos (looking at you, selfie nation) lead to a decrease in “support and intimacy” in almost every situation. And sharing a lot of photos of yourself with other friends has a negative impact on even your close friendships.

Finally, it turns out brands also need to take note. When brands use competitions to ask you to post photos of yourself holding their product, it actually negatively affects your relationships with your friends.

The full report is an academic paper that gets a bit hard to understand at times, but if you’d like to read it for yourself you can do so here. If you’re not up for all that, however, a good rule of thumb might be to keep the selfies to a minimum and, just in general, don’t get too carried away when uploading pics to Facebook — in time you might not have anyone left to like them…

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  • Caleb Tenacious

    This is one study I agree with. Nothing’s more annoying than that person that shares a picture every 10 minutes!!

  • Bristol

    Yeah, it’s true. I think selfies are usually obnoxious to look at and I associate them with egotism and the whole Myspace personality, so I unconsciously like a person slightly less when I see one.
    Similarly, people with no filter on what pictures to put online make me less interested in looking at any pictures that they post at all. And the less I want to look at your pictures, the less personal investment I’m likely to have in your social media life. It’s like being nagged over and over, “Pay attention to me!” until I feel that spilling into our real-life relationship.

  • Vin Weathermon

    Agree with the selfies; but my whole reason for being on FB is photography!!! Luckily I only post a few a week I guess…rarely ever with me in them.

  • Rudy Bega

    Yep. There’s one particular person on my page who changes her profile pic nearly every single day, sometimes more than once or twice per day, only so she can always appear in everyone’s feed. That’s on top of the constant stream of Instagram photos and check-ins telling us all she’s at the gym.

  • Ryan Bliss

    The real story is that everyone hates everything about Facebook but continues to use it anyway.

  • Jake

    Same goes for health insurance customers and middle-class Wal-Mart shoppers. Such is life.

  • Internet Guy

    Same as snarky internet comments. The life we lead…

  • Jake

    Touché, except while you and I are all making snarky internet comments, I don’t actually have health insurance or a nearby Wal-Mart anymore…

  • CH4:D

    It’s even more annoying if you notice that they just enjoy all the comments and admiration from their perverted “fans”. This pattern is observable with someone who posts a lot of photos but NEVER once interacts with the people who comments.

  • je

    more annoying if you “like” your own picture.

  • TheIrritatedSherlockian

    I know someone who literally changes her profile picture every hour or so to some pouting selfie and it clutters up my newsfeed… It’s so annoying!!!!

  • helleosquish

    a sibling has over 6,000 pics on fb. I am pissed. how many is too many?

  • helleosquish

    not selfies but family photos over the past 40 yrs

  • Truford

    The absolute WORST offender is the 60-year-old woman who keeps posting glamour shots taken of her when she was twenty-something. I mean, like, at least one a day. Okay, we get it — you used to be cute! Now please STOP!