Instagram Under Fire for Hosting Photos for Live Animal Sellers

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You may think the worst offenses on Instagram are aesthetic, but animal-rights activists are complaining that the service helps users sell live animals that end up slaughtered for food or religious sacrifices.

A quick run through the approximately 1.4 million photos with the “#forsale” hashtag reveals thousands of animals, mostly dogs and cats looking for new homes. But other users, particularly in the Middle East, use the service promote sales of sheep, goats and other animals not destined for pet status. One Instagrammer in Kuwait promises: “We have them all, sacrificial and carcasses of all ages. We will bring them to you for all events and birthdays.”

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Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, tells the Daily Mail that it’s time for Instagram to police such postings. ‘This is a shocking situation to see animals being bred for money and traded like commodities,” he said. “The easier you make it to buy and sell animals online, the more casual and callous an approach people will take.”

Instagram’s terms of use and community guidelines make no mention of using the service to sell items, let alone animal rights.

(via Daily Mail)

  • parkerjh

    Of course some animal rights group is up in arms. Animals are eaten in every country of the world. Don’t want to buy a rabbit to eat? Then don’t. Simple as that.

  • Genkakuzai

    I guess it’s all peachy doing this until people actually get to see it. It’s not like it’s not happening in every single country in the world on a daily basis.

  • SG

    You mean soylent green is people?

  • Kris Wood


  • Graf Almassy

    Please shut down the whole internet worldwide, because users use it for trading animals! Nay! Shut down national parks, because wild animals eats each other!

  • Don Tusk

    Go to China or Japan and talk about animal rights. The true is > 90% of people don’t giva damn about animal rights. A man has to eat.

  • Allison S Lavine

    I eat meat. Most humans do.

  • Pascual Cora Jr.

    That bunny looks yummy…. Joking aside people please quit your complaining. I want to see one of these animal rights idiots go tell a poor family in some third world country that it is bad to eat meat. See what happens.

  • mko

    But .. animals are commodities?

  • Nick Simicich

    Please ignore the animal rights activists. The lunatic fringe is clearly represented there. Most people keep pets and eat meat, two things that peta, for example, had said that they would make illegal if they could.

  • Fuzztographer

    I hate Crapstagram with a passion, but I’m forced to side with them on this. Animal rights wingnuts aren’t exactly known for being rational. What is Instagram supposed to do, hire an animal rights violations committee to the thousands of images that are uploaded daily? Then what, appease every other group of nutjobs with an agenda?

  • morcy

    stupid .. and the excuse even stupidER !!