17 Signs That You Were Alive Before the Age of Digital Photography


How do us elders separate ourselves from those who only know what it means to upload? Here are 17 tools and toys you’ll immediately recognize if you still remember the heyday of Kodak. Bring on the nostalgia.

1. You loaded your own sheet film


2. You know what this is


3. You own one of these


4. You know what the Photoshop icon is based on


5. Your film was so slow, you needed one of these


6. Flash isn’t something you install on your computer


7. You thought this bokeh was cool


8. You know what this is


9. You used one of these


10. Or these


11. And a whole bunch of this


12. You were suckered into buying one of these


13. “110″ isn’t just a number to you


14. You displayed photos with these


15. Or these


16. Using this


17. These don’t remind you of Michael Jackson


SHAMON! Aren’t you glad we have digital?

About the author: Allen Murabayashi is the Chairman and Co-founder of PhotoShelter. Allen is a graduate of Yale University, and flosses daily. This article originally appeared here.

  • jmco

    Also came as a lead bag. Used to protect film from airport X-Ray machines. Some Asian airports had too powerful a machine and your film still got zapped.

  • Damian Chavez

    Oh, ok. Thanks for the info. Yes, I preferred going barehanded because I feel like I could be more sure of my movements, etc.

  • moban

    I just used one the other week, I’m milking my pack of 107… and it’s loaded in a Polaroid CU-5! Oh, and I’m 32…

  • Sky

    “You thought this bokeh was cool” – oh come on, I still do!!!! Sadly can’t find any lens to reproduce this effect on my A-mount DSLR. :(

  • E

    Try medical photography, it’s my job. Get to use tongue depressors all the time ;)

  • jms

    I sent in over 30 rolls right before the deadline. A few months later, I dumped out a backpack and found one more exposed roll. I know what it is and I’m not upset about it, but crud.

  • d.b. sorensen

    your on the wrong # he was asking about #4 the wee fly swatter

  • d.b. sorensen

    I have one I will be running on Ebay soon I still need to see if it works if you want Ill give you a heads up on it.

  • d.b. sorensen

    I remember them being used by step dad!!

  • Aztec01

    I loved the smell of fixer in the darkroom…it smelled like….photography!

  • Aztec01

    But how did they that specific TYPE of “bokeh”? That’s the trick in the question.

  • april

    it’s a film changing bag….you put the camera inside the black-out bag, where stray light can’t get inside & expose your film….you put your arms in the “sleeves” and change your film safely….it was good to use when changing your film from a view camera if you were outside or couldn’t change it in a darkroom…

  • april

    sorry, I thought 4. was the bag, but after reading the other comments I see #4 is the dodging tool, like we use now in photoshop… in the dark room, you would hold it, or your hand, over any part of your image to control/block the light….Also I see my comments are 2 months too late…obsolete like all of the old film gear!