Flickr Redesigns Groups Pages to Match the Site’s New Look


When Yahoo! launched the new Flickr at the end of May, not every part of the website got the “spectacular” treatment. One of the sections of the site that has been lagging behind the rest were the Groups pages, and Flickr has finally decided to bring them up to speed.

In a post on the Flickr blog, the photos sharing website is announcing that Groups pages — both Group home ages and the Your Groups page — will now look a lot more like the rest of the website.

“With this update, we’ve given your Groups a look that’s more consistent with the larger site design changes we introduced in May,” writes Flickr employee Georges Haddad. “The new Groups is easier to use, better showcases group photos and discussions, and gives group admins more ways to customize their groups’ appearance.”


The design is based around making both of the Groups pages more photogenic. Group home pages now feature a high-res buddy icon as well as a cover photo, where the admin can showcase some of the group’s best work. Additionally, the design also adds an all-new “About” tab, and makes it easier for users to submit photos and browse through group content.

These improvements translate over onto the Your Groups page as well, which now features “a beautiful tiled view of the groups you belong to and administer.” You can organize those tiles (created using the group’s cover photo) by name or recent activity. And if you have a lot of groups and want to go back to a standard list view of buddy icons, you can do that as well.

To learn more about these improvements to the groups pages, head over to the Flickr blog or sign in to your own Flickr account and check out the new view for yourself.

  • Robert Johnson

    I like the redesign.

  • olafs_osh

    I used to search for a needed group quickly by name. Not any more, I guess. Everything should be flipitty-colorful nowadays.

    I remember that massive thread over the Flickr, where I, along thousands, urged them to leave that only as “Opt In” option. True though – I guess nobody really believed, that they will listen to users, that actually use that feature and care about it.

  • MickO

    This may help you:

    Search box, type in search term, click “more search types,” click “groups”

  • olafs_osh

    Instead of that I just could click “Groups” and see all groups I am in.

    Why in the hell I should use search function to find a group I am already in?

  • MickO

    I’m very sorry, I thought you said “search”

    To see all groups you are in just click “Communities”

    There is an option to show them all as a list on the right side. Just set it to list and it will remember your choice.

  • olafs_osh

    better than nothing, I guess. cheers.

  • Robert Pilla

    Not sure where you get your information; Thomas hawk perhaps? The new design is incredibly buggy and there is a list of 20 known issues.This even after a month of Beta testing. The entire layout is visual crap.

  • hutchinson

    This new look renders the site virtually unusable. Just a visual assault. I have no interest in having to learn a new interface just
    so they can keep web developers entertained. If the change doesn’t improve function, they shouldn’t make it.

  • Rippie

    Terrible, slow, diminished functionality, concealed metadata, can’t do anything until the entire NON-configurable page of hundreds of photos loads, even as an Admin, menus are inconsistent, behavior of user icons is inconsistent, there are NO customization controls for groups (that’s simply a lie in this article) and the new build crashes IE9 and IE10. It won’t run properly on iOS devices unless you install the buggy iOS Flickr App. The dataload for a page is about 20 times what it used to be, at best. For many pages, it’s 40 times as much throughput. If you are using a metered ISP, this is NOT the photoshare for you.

    Discussions are NOT highlighted, but suppressed. The social interaction aspect of Flickr is being backseated for more, bigger, slower, dumber pictures. Use of actual language on the site is being phased out. Navigation is being intentionally hampered to force people through intermediary page loads. Personal settings of photos are being disregarded as part of the the highly limited “customization” available to admins of groups, already causing some alarm among users… just one day into this “awesome” new site build for groups.

    Overall, a poopfest in a leaky diaper. But, according to Flickr, an “awesome” one.

    At least it’s free.

  • Rippie

    Eh. I was part of the Beta. I was so disgusted at first that I opted out, but realized that it was like an oncoming train and going to hit me anyway.

    I opted back in… and only 20 known issues? You must have gotten disillusioned and quit counting. There is so much broken or just not working, it’s hard to really fully assess. Things that used to work for years and years… broken. Search tools… without interfaces. No pagination controls like even tiny companies can do for their shopping websites. Imagine eBay with a 200 picture default or 200 item default and NO option to make it a smaller more manageable number… How long would they have lasted?

    Crickets and eBay… and that’s what I expect to be inhabiting Flickr’s home office if they don’t fix this mess FAST.

  • olafs_osh

    Just realized… In all computers I am on, I use the script to hide that Yahoo! bar they introduced not so long ago. And I just imagined, how that looks together with new little colorful squares… The Pain, oh, the Pain!!

  • Gordon Simpson

    The new interface is awful. I’ve almost stopped using flickr.

  • bert

    It’s AWFUL. I don’t mind the image layout but the discussions area sucks SO bad.

  • Nick V

    Thankfully on the right hand side of the page, you can change it to List View. Much better, but still ugly.

  • olafs_osh

    that list view, has two major flaws:
    1. too much dead space. have no idea, about what designer thought, but not about user friendly listing for sure.
    2. lack of updated listing photo wise [now they only have latest discussions, which in many groups are more than irrelevant].

  • Nick V

    I was just happy that I was able to see the groups I was in without having to go into color convulsions. Also, for anyone who is color blind, and using Flickr, your outta luck

  • Maria Gill

    I hate pagination, when I see a list I want to see everything, not just 10 or 20 items.

  • Rippie

    Would you like your photo pages to load in the same minute you click the page? If so, you want pagination. Even on a T1 line down the street from Flickr-HQ, it takes several seconds to load a page… on a T1 line, blocks away. How do you think performance degrades across the country or around the world… on a dsl line or worse?

    Pagination matters. Flickr gives you 200 items or nothing. Unfortunately, for many people, they cannot actually download the entire page and must start over again because there is no option to paginate at 50 items, perhaps fewer for the folks on sketchy connections.

    Also, when your data is metered, it all matters.

    But not to Flickr. Those folks aren’t worthy.

  • Rippie

    There are a number of design errors that ignore visual and cognitive deficits in people. I’ve been telling Flickr that for a month (before the launch) and users finally are now. They have made the site unusable for a large number of people with deficits and/or with limited speed access, which is a shockingly large percentage of US and Canadian internet users who have NO access even to DSL.

    I cannot even imagine what it must be like trying to download a page on dialup on a noisy copper line in Wyoming, only to be unable to use the page because you can’t read or understand it, as it’s been designed.

    Pathetic, lazy, insensitive design results in many unhappy ex-customers, as Flickr are just now starting to see as this group rollout only exacerbates an already grim build debuted in the photostreams.

  • David Davies

    Hey Petapixel, instead of just reprinting the flickr press release why don’t you report and investigate on the real situation over at flickr-a stuttering, jerky, buggy mess! You’d have a good story – you only need to look at the “Help” pages which are in melt down and bunches of flickr staff clowns talk to you in quasi hippy baby talk to show they’re really hip!

  • Angry With Flickr

    What an utter load of self-promoting crap. The groups and discussions that were once the backbone of Flickr’s proclaimed photo-sharing mission have become all but unusable and their justified, scrolling mushed-together photo view has caused nothing both grief to people who have no access to unlimited, high-speed internet connections. Well done, Flickr, well done!

  • Cat Jones

    The new groups: slower, uglier, buggier, harder to use and navigate, and discussions have been de-emphasized. Petapixel should write an article about bad design, instead of just regurgitating the flickr’s own delusional hype.