New York City Photographed Through a Glass Prism

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“NYC Prism” is a project by New York City-based photographer Allen Skyy Enriquez (AKA The Zartorialist) that offers an unusual view of The Big Apple. The 6 images in the series might look like composite images created using Photoshop, but they’re actually single exposures. The splicing effect seen in them was created by holding a prism in front of the lens to merge two views of each location into one shot.

Enriquez used a 6-inch glass prism — something you can purchase online for about $10. The object is held in front of the camera lens, and then slowly moved around and adjusted until a desired look is achieved.

Photographer Sam Hurd sometimes uses the same technique for some of his engagement/wedding photographs, which we featured back in January.

Enriquez tells photography blog TwoEight that the images required a good deal of trial and error: “What you see through the viewfinder when shooting through an object that bends light can often yield completely unexpected results when loaded onto a screen.”

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Enriquez is currently offering limited edition prints of these photographs, each of which are signed, dated, and numbered by the artist. 12 11×17-inch prints of each of the 6 photos are available over in Enriquez’s Etsy store at a price of $45.

“NYC Prism” by Allen Skyy Enriquez (via TwoEight)

Image credits: Photographs by Allen Skyy Enriquez and used with permission

  • David Neitz

    Thanks, Sam Hurd.

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  • Genkakuzai

    Interesting concept!

  • gary

    I done this years ago – why is this person given credit?
    What makes them special?
    Perhaps many people have done this as well as me.
    Seems to have to be a cyber brown noser these days to get anywhere!

  • Jake

    This person gets credit because we see their work and not yours.
    What makes them special is that they did a good job and plenty of people don’t.
    And it’s not brown-nosing, it’s self-promoting, and people fail at life when they don’t do that, so get over yourself.

  • Wise Acre

    So, THIS is the Prism project I’ve been hearing so much about lately.

  • Jordan Butters

    Did you do a good job? Who did you tell about it? Did you conduct any promotion of your work? Were you pro active in getting your images out there? Or did you just hope that magical internet fairy carried them off into the far reaches of e-fame?

  • Gannon Burgett

    Exactly. I’m Gannon Burgett, founder of TwoEight, who initially shared and interviewed the photographer behind these images and I came across them on Tumblr while browsing a certain tag. Get your work out in the public and whether or not it gets found and shared is a combination of timing and luck.