Manfrotto Launches the Pixi: Say Hello to My Little Tripod Friend


You can quit squinting your eyes and holding your hats, folks. That’s not a UFO coming in for a landing, it’s Manfrotto’s brand-spanking-new Pixi tripod. It’s designed for smartphones and smaller cameras, and did we mention that’s it’s so tiny and cute? Oh yes it is!

Weighing in at half a pound, the Pixi features sleek, nice-looking legs (focus, we’re talking about a tripod, here) that look to offer a level of stability those cheap mini tripods with bendy legs can’t.

Manfrotto Pixi Stock 4

It’s designed to easily fit in your small bag, perhaps even your pocket, measuring 7.28-inches when the legs are folded in. Folded out, the tripod will give you 5-inches of height, so unless you’re a hamster, you’re probably not going to be using this one planted on the floor to take this year’s family Christmas photo. Maximum weight for this one is 2.2lbs, so you’re probably not going to want to attach your heavy glass to your camera body when using this.

Manfrotto Pixi Stock 3

The red Manfrotto logo serves at the tripod’s locking mechanism, which is a touch of cool, if we may say.

So if you’re looking for a tripod that you can pretty much take everywhere (say, for a spontaneous long exposure), this one is available at a fairly reasonable $28, right from the Manfrotto store. The Pixi is even cheaper at B&H, at about $25.

(via The Phoblographer via Popular Photography)

  • Brett

    Manfrotto 709B Digi – $20 more for double the maximum weight – into SLR territory.

    Unless they’re phasing it out – I see it’s no longer available at B&H.

  • timo musgrove

    there was a tripod keychain at a local camera store. this isnt that special

  • Will Mederski

    i’ve got a T-Pod from Trek-Tech in my bag at most times.
    packs down to maybe 7″ extends to 15″
    VERY versatile, and can easily handle a DSLR.

    sad to say, the company is no longer making them… :o/

    might be able to find one on amazon?

  • Will Mederski

    oh, and notice the magnetic mount. seriously strong.
    and you can just leave it on the camera. no screwing it on every time you stop to use it.

  • Renato Murakami

    5 bucks or less on ebay + bike handle. Manfrotto should center on fixing designs like ModoSteady if they want to dabble in this area… not making overpriced designs of things no one needs.

  • Zos Xavius

    Nice ad. My last manfrotto tripod had a quick release right next to the ball release. In the dark I went to release the ball and instead dropped about $2000 worth of gear to the asphalt. A bent bayonet mount ring on the camera and cracked mount on the lens really made my day. Way to go manfrotto!

  • gtfo

    so, it was manfrottos fault you were too stupid to use the equipment you bought? gtfo!