Photographer Ordered to Stay in Jail After Cheating Wedding Clients


How not to run a wedding photography business: Take deposits from clients, don’t show up for the weddings and skip town before the law catches on. That was the strategy employed by Ramon Rodriguez, a Louisville, Kentucky photographer who remains in jail after bilking prospective clients out of $27,000.

Apparently Rodriguez did run a legitimate business for a while, with assistants, cameras, lighting and the works. A still-extant description on a wedding-planning site describes him as: “Ramon Rodriguez Photographer, offers the very best in wedding photojournalism and traditional photography. His photography is unique, fun and elegant. Excellent quality and good prices, very easy to work with. has a package for every budget.”

Rodriguez’s work habits became increasingly erratic after a 2005 DUI conviction, however. until he disappeared altogether in 2009, skipping out on numerous assignments. Turns out he was in Canada, where he hid out for three years until his conscience got the best of him.

Rodriguez surrendered at a border station in upstate New York early this year and was extradited to Kentucky, where he received an 16-year jail sentence after pleading guilty to multiple charges of fraud.

Now he’s looking to get out on “shock probation,” but Judge Barry Willett isn’t having it, according to NBC affiliate WAVE. “Mr. Rodriguez, forgive my cynicism, but you are a con man and thief,” said Willett. “If you are going make a promise to make some people whole, I want to be able to hold your feet to the fire to do that.”

Meanwhile, the court is looking for former employees of Rodriguez who may have images from weddings the photographer shot but never delivered the goods to clients.

(via WAVE)

Image credits: Still and video courtesy of WAVE3 News/NBC

  • fdefewfd

    to bad he is no olympus exec who steals 1.7 billion…. jail for the poor… champus for the rich..

    the law is bad joke today and most judges should be ashamed of the job they do.

    i mean they have to notice how unfair they act…. it they are not completely…..

  • Björn Lubetzki

    is the judge the same one, that let the olympus guys off? nope. you wrote something about a failed justice system under a post, that said, that THIS guy doesn’t get off cheap! This is a good example that the law does work. But people still have to complain about the justice system in general. and best of all, they don’t do it with their real name, but instead with names like “fdefewfd”

    and why should ANY judge be ashamed?
    it’s like saying “every car driver is a stupid idiot”, because some can’t drive. or saying “photographers are all thieves, which cheat their clients”, just because some do it.

    is the justice system perfect, not it isn’t, but to say that most judges should be ashamed??

  • Marrookkoi

    open your eyes kid.. your telling nonsense.
    look how many afro americans are found guilty without hard evidence and look how guilty rich white people walk.

    look how the industry punishes MP3 downloader and then look at TAX fraud. there is a big case in germany right now .. uli hoenes.
    it´s about hundreds of millions of euros. i bet all i have that he will not see jail.

    ….. ah well it´s wasted on you….. you know what… live happy in your dream world.

  • Björn Lubetzki

    as i said, the system isn’t perfect!! i’m the last person to say it is, BUT this is a post in which it is. so why do we argue about the justice system in general. Why don’t we say “he deserved, to stay in prison”?
    after that one of you can write a new blog entry “the justice system sucks”.
    what i mean is, that THIS post isn’t the best place to argue about the justice system. because in this particular case, it worked

  • nick

    WOW, sixteen years! Some murderers don’t get that much time! So not fair, but little by little this is changing.

  • Ingemar Smith

    Bjorn, I don’t mean any personal offense but you may be missing the big picture. This isn’t a defense of this thief so much as it is a statement, an obviously true statement, that we are tired of seeing little guys get jail while big fish sail yachts.

    This is the perfect place to say it. Every place is the perfect place. The big fish are wrecking and ruining the lives of millions. They can’t be jailed soon enough.

  • Ingemar Smith

    That police officer that shot and killed that Sunday School teacher in the church parking lot got 3 years.

  • KewlDewd

    That’s what I thought. Great that he’s doing time, but 16 years for stealing a total of $27,000? Seems like a lot. I’m sure he won’t do that many, though.

  • KewlDewd

    If it’s 16 years, it’s a prison sentence, not jail. There’s a difference.

  • Lilith

    He would have had less time in prison if he raped someone instead.

  • Ziz

    You are comparing justice system of two countries. I doubt he’d get 16 years in Japan. American justice system is too harsh.

  • Sander van der Veen

    He can start a new niche, inside prison photography.. daily photo’s for instagram.

  • chubbs

    I don’t think prison food will lend itself very well to Instagram.

  • Sander van der Veen

    You gotta be creative, I agree.. :P

  • cjsv

    I agree – now the taxpayers have to pay 16 years x 40,000 (a guess on jail costs from google searching) = $640,000 for a 27,000 crime plus a loss in whatever taxes this man might have paid (which is hard to guess at, since he is a con man)

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Meanwhile the bankers that wrecked the entire global economy are free and thriving!

  • Jen

    Glad he got caught but 16 years? Bit OTT really. Its a pity rapists and murders don’t get 16 years – look at Adrian Bayley and Steven J Hunter in Australia… both served far less time for horrific multiple rapes and even murder (not even 13 years!) before their latest evil crimes WHILE ON PAROLE finally got them time.

  • Xandra

    he should be left free!