Dad Captures One Second Per Day of His Son’s First Year of Life

On July 9th, 2012, photographer Sam Cornwell of Hayling Island, England welcomed his son Indigo into the world and became a father for the first time. Starting on that life-changing day, Cornwell and his wife Beverley have been documenting the growth of their boy by capturing at least one second of video every single day.

Yesterday, one year and thousands of videos after the project began, the photographer took the clips and combined them into the beautiful “moving time-lapse” seen above.

Sam, Indigo, and Beverley

Sam, Indigo, and Beverley

Indigo was born a month before his due date, and Sam and Beverley have had new experiences every day as first time parents. “We really had no idea what we were doing,” they say. Since everything was so new, documenting it with photographs and videos “just came naturally.”

At the end of each day and during special moments, the couple would pull out their iPhones and capture photos and short video clips. They created a Tumblr site just for Indigo to share those video snippets with friends and family.


Sam tells us that he was originally inspired by Cesar Kuriyama’s “one second per day” idea for documenting life.

Why a video time-lapse instead of still photos? Sam believes it’s more “dynamic” and that it can capture certain things photos can’t. “With videos you can see his first smile, hear his first coo, witness his first step.”


The final video contains clips selected from over 1,200 videos captured over the course of the year, and is meant to be Indigo’s first birthday present. It’s “hopefully something he will treasure when he’s older and not feel too embarrassed about,” Sam tells us. “He doesn’t quite appreciate it yet, but we hope that in a few years he will.”

  • David Winn

    Great series of images. It was nice to see this little guy evolve from a not-so-cute infant to a gorgeous little toddler.

  • ken

    OMG so very cute, i could wait to see him grow.. so i cheated. I fast forwarded. Hmm i may not need therapy after all..

  • levitor

    :’) Lovely

  • Peter D

    Man, babies really do look like adorable aliens when they are fresh :)

  • Vin Weathermon

    My, how much changes from birth in a single year! A good reminder for us old folks…

  • eiffel

    for some reasons, the last few seconds made me cry…

  • thereddiva80

    What a great video. Wonderful idea!

  • David Gilson

    Clicked on the link as I thought it was a great idea, and it is a lovely touching video, it really is. After 134 seconds, I started to find it laborious jumping from clip to clip, not sure why.

  • Andrew Morgan

    The same guy that did the Pilgrimage to Lacock Abbey!

  • Lee

    This was so wonderful. It was like we also watched him grow and had a feeling of his surroundings. It does make you realise you are with them every moment of every day when they are that little. Really wish I did something like this with my own. Thank you.

  • Rosiecheeks

    can’t wait to see year 2

  • Romalero

    So… When were you abducted? Do you have any clips of “adorable aliens” with you?

    I am sorry, but I don’t think we regular people have been blessed with seen aliens of any kind.

    Share, please.

  • Rose

    What a beautiful boy! His little smile lights up his whole face!

  • Chota Raja

    Lovely pic & Happiest moment in life

  • yourmom

    it needed to be 1/4 of a second to keep up with it.

  • George Costanza

    That’s one ugly baby.

  • Crowe

    That baby looks like Patton Oswalt

  • Kayla Ann Stockman

    I think I need to have a baby like right now.

  • Crity McCritical

    This is crap. I mean, it’s great for the family and for the kid, but as an art piece, it’s hackneyed, and overdone.

  • Wocky Mama

    Simply beautiful…

  • rlwemm

    Thanks for that video. It was especially meaningful for me as we had a premie baby, too, and were quite unprepared for what one looked like. There were no photographs around of babies that small. Everything was taken of “perfect” full term babies, not “frogs”. We loved ours anyway, just as you did yours. Your video will help other parents realize that frogs turn quickly into princes and princesses.

  • Charlie_Danger

    Awesome.. Can you help me? What song is this?!

  • Katie Licious

    This is brilliant. Amazing work and beautiful little human

  • BBakeca

    Just beautiful!