Photos of Useless Things That You Won’t Find in the Real World


For his project titled Improbabilità (“improbability”), Italian photographer and photo manipulator Giuseppe Colarusso created a series of surreal photographs showing various household objects and scenes… with a twist.

Many of the photographs may look rather normal upon first glance, but then it dawns on you: what you see doesn’t quite make sense. One photo (shown above) is of a rolling pin that can’t really roll. Others show holey ping pong paddles, limp utensils, and glasses that would only be fit for a cyclops.

“Unlikely, but not impossible,” the project’s tagline states.

Each piece in the series seems to ask the question, “what would useful everyday household objects look like if their main features were removed or altered?”




















You could also interpret these images as being concept artwork created by someone who doesn’t really have a solid grasp on how the world works.

If you liked these shots, you can find many more of Colarusso’s quirky creations in this gallery on his website.

(via PSFK)

Image credits: Photographs by Giuseppe Colarusso and used with permission

  • Richard Horsfield

    Interesting, great creative concept!

  • Ivor Wilson

    These are great. :)

  • DesertandSeas

    Thank you for posting Mr. Colarusso. I like your brand of humour!

  • johneve

    Even though not all images have the same impact, there are a few gems in the series shown here. I llike your way of thinking and visualising. Refreshing, simple, thought provoking. Not the usual “look what photoshop can make me do with a bad idea and crappy shot images” Great!

  • Adrian

    Hemp fueled ideas, Bob Marley would be proud mon!!!

  • Wilba

    Good fun.

    I don’t get the date stamp…

  • Ivor Wilson


  • Jake

    I’m gonna be honest…I want that km/h watch.

  • Jeremy Madore

    I’ve actually seen sinks just like that one… with short faucets not letting you properly use them.

  • Jon

    I guess there are 30 days in Feb in his world….

  • Jon

    Its not the faucet that makes the sink unusable… look again, there is no drain!

  • Jeremy Madore

    Oh my I feel like an un-observant person now. Thanks for correcting that Jon! HA!

  • Damean Ravichandra

    … I think there’s a more glaring issue with that sink though.

  • harumph

    Yeah, that one doesn’t really work. If 30 FEB 2012 were the only date the stamp could make, then it would work. But he used an adjustable stamp, so there’s no twist there.

  • Samson

    For the last image ones of the glass specs, only Mike use this

  • Kirk

    I was thinking Turanga Leela would wear that.

  • smrtazz

    The year value is improbable. it only goes from 2002 to 2013.

  • harumph

    So the gag is that it’s a stamp that can only be used for 12 years? Somehow I don’t think that was really the photographer’s intention.

    But I do really like all the other shots. Good stuff.

  • timo musgrove

    some of those actually look fun. it would make ping pong actually hard. how many people actually hit the ball with the middle of the paddle anyways.

  • DSoler

    Have a look at Chema Madoz’s work. Similar concept, but IMHO a more defined style.

  • kendon

    thats what i thought.

  • stuffsticks

    first thought i had too.. but then i am rewatching the entire series at the moment