Nikon Wants to Change the Way We Think About Cameras, Making ‘Secret Products’


Nikon appears to be gearing up to drop some bombshell announcements on the camera industry sometime in the next half decade — things that could shake up the photo world and change the way consumers think about cameras.

Bloomberg reported this past weekend that Nikon has been brainstorming ways to combat the encroachment of smartphones in the camera world. Compact cameras sales dropped 48% over the past year and DSLR sales dropped 6%, but smartphone sales have exploded 46% during that same period.

Fewer people are carrying standalone cameras to document their lives, and are opting instead for the convenience of snapping shots with their phones.

Nikon president Makoto Kimura is quoted by Bloomberg as saying that even though Nikon has historically been geared toward the concept of traditional cameras, it’s more than willing to “change its approach to offer products to that bigger [smartphone] market.”


The company’s slumping point-and-shoot sales have recently been offset by the profits from its pricier DSLR models, but the company is hard at work developing “secret products” in order to create new growth opportunities.

Kimura says that they are looking to “create a product that will change the concept of cameras.” It may or may not be a “camera consumer product,” but is expected to be unveiled within the next five years.

When asked whether Nikon was developing a smartphone, Kimura refused to divulge any information.

(via Bloomberg via The Verge)

Image credits: Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AI by niXerKG, Chegou! by George Vale

  • Cochese

    In other words “We’ve seen that Canon and Nokia have a smartphone deal going on and well, we think it would be grand if we joined in on the fun, so as not to be left behind like Kodak and Polaroid.”

  • Mike

    How about developing new technology for better IQ in those terrible little compact tiny sensor cameras that you like to produce in so many models and try to sell so much?

  • Alan Dove

    Translation: “Hey, shareholders, don’t worry about the collapsing market for our products. We have an amazing plan to solve that. But it’s, um, a secret, so we can’t tell you what it is yet. Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

  • bob cooley

    They would have to figure out how to change physics for that to happen…

  • tttulio

    If the V1 and J1 are what they think cameras are becoming: S T O P!

  • bogorad

    “in the next half decade” made me laugh so hard I couldn’t read any further.

  • Renato Murakami

    Big game of catch up…
    Nokia already crammed a 1/1.2″ sensor inside a smartphone.
    Samsung introduced zoom lens.
    All in all, I guess we win.

  • Adam

    Guess we’ll all have to wait a whole five years to be unimpressed. How ever will I pass the time until then?

  • CurrentCo

    if it has anything to do with that mysterious patent they got that will supposedly replace any SLR’s back plate with a digtal back, then I’m down for this.

  • DannyDoi

    there is no such deal, Nokia Eos have nothing to do with Canon

  • Jonathon

    I can’t complain about competition. In the end, it just means better products for us.

  • nikonos

    Nikon will begin making phone by next year.