Fake Craigslist ‘Photographer’ Jailed on Rape Charges


A Miami man has been arrested after allegedly posing as a photographer on Craigslist to lure two women to a remote spot and then assault them.

Anthony Molina-Iglesias, 30, faces charges of sexual battery, armed sexual battery, kidnapping and carjacking.

According to police, he met up June 28 with two young Orlando women who had responded to his Craigslist posting offering modeling sessions. He drove their car to a wooded area in northern Miami-Dade County and took one of the women into the woods, ostensibly to photograph her. Once he was far enough from the car, he choked the woman, tied her up and raped her.

Police say he then returned to the car and repeated the sequence with the second woman, after which he drove off in their car.

A mugshot of Anthony Molina-Iglesias

A mugshot of Anthony Molina-Iglesias

It’s not the first time Molina-Iglesias, who relatives say has never owned a camera, has allegedly used the photographer ruse. According to a Feb. 1 Miami police report on another rape allegation against Molina-Iglesias, “a victim … disclosed she met the defendant through a friend. Introduced himself as a photographer and offered to take free modeling photographs of her.”

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The Craigslist “About” section includes a safety checklist that advises users to meet in public places, tell friends or family where they’re going and “trust your instincts.” The site, of course, is already well known among photographers as a fine space to buy stolen gear, find unpaid work and spice up your wedding photography business with Nigerian check scams.

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Image credits: “Craigslist World Headquarters” by Calton, Anthony Molina-Iglesias booking shot by Dade County Corrections

  • RBM

    No cameras involved. No photographers involved. No photographs involved.

    I’m here for stories related to photography.

  • spiralphoto

    He posed as a photographer. Therefore, it’s relevant. This is a site about all relevant photography stories. This counts. Sorry you don’t approve.

  • Anonymous

    Throw the book at him.

  • Ariautoace

    Then use you mouse and click somewhere else. This is good to warn women to be aware.

  • James Barros

    This is important to us. One thing we need to do, especially in reaching out to emerging talent, is help them to find reputable photographers and work with them to build out quality portfolios. When we can talk publicly about these things, and provide simple solid advice (eg. YES, bring a chaperon, but remember, they’re here for your safety, not to direct a shoot they’re not a part of. ;) ) and conduct ourselves professionally, it helps the entire field.

  • niXerKG

    I’m sure he had an iPhone and Instagram, totally a photographer, just ask the Chicago Sun Times!

  • Adam Cross

    wow. are you completely clueless?

  • Adam Cross

    thank you for a simple, factual piece. It’s horrifying how easy this is for men. I wish there were more safety measures in place when placing these ads, links to portfolios? references? I don’t know – I know all of that could be faked too. I don’t use craig’s list – do you get charged for placing ads? if not that could be one way of deterring rapists. I just hope those women get any form of help they need and in future are able to trust photographers again.

  • Melissa

    I have been a freelance alt model for three years now. My advice to anyone looking at getting a shoot done, free, paid or otherwise:

    There are SO many great, established PROFESSIONAL photographers out there, if you ever get the creeps from someone even a little, you absolutely do not have to go through with it. There are plenty of fish in the sea, you’ll find someone else to work. Tell them that what they are offering you is not what you are looking for and you will not be working with them now or in the future. Do be a bit courteous, tell them “I’m sorry for any inconvenience but…” and end with “best of luck”. If they don’t get it, be more and more direct until they back off. I have had to do this many times to some huge creeps (a couple of which turns out didn’t even own cameras, like this guy). Remember, your own safety is worth way more than free photos.

    First off, ask for a link to their portfolio. You can tell a lot by what’s in there, or not in there. If they can’t provide one, tell them simply that you don’t work with someone that doesn’t have at least some experience. Be honest with yourself about their work. Would you want to be the girl in this particular photo or photos with the bad lighting, unflattering outfit, terrible editing or poorly/creepily done sexuality? Really envision yourself as the models in their photos. Not only will this give you a good idea of what this person’s intentions for shooting models are, it will help keep you from being disappointed in the photos you get in return for all of your hard work.

    Ask for references and check up on them! Many GWCs (guy with camera – a total perv that doesn’t know a thing about photography) will list people they have not worked with, list people they have taken poor quality scantily clad photos of (and that’s the only thing in their “portfolio”) or will refuse. Most professionals will have established models listed on their site/Model Mayhem/Facebook so you don’t have to ask.

    After that, ask to meet in a very public place (like a coffee shop) in broad daylight to discuss ideas/locations/dates and times. Tell not one but two people where you are going and when. Let them now when you’re leaving and when you’re home. You get a much better feel for photographers in person. If you don’t feel ok with the meeting, tell them thanks but no thanks and move on to the next photographer. This also helps get you good quality photos. In the beginning when you’re learning, working with people that you naturally communicate well with will result in good shots. If you are never or rarely on the same page, you will probably be disappointed.

    If you REALLY don’t want to pay an already established photographer for photos yet (believe me, it makes a world of difference if you do once you’ve got a bit of practice shooting), check out the college/university in your area. There are many photography students that constantly need people to shoot for practice/assignments.These people have access to professional studios, all kinds of great lighting equipment, lens, even other cameras in most cases. I work with many local college students and have had work with some of them published nationally and internationally.

    Last but not least, don’t be intimidated to reach out to the well-known, very established photographers! They got where they are because they have talent, they know what they’re doing and working with them is a bigger help to get your career (or fun hobby) off the ground than someone who isn’t as experienced. Most of them have wardrobe provided by designers/companies if you ask for it and almost all will have a professional and talented makeup artist there to make you look your best.

  • Melissa

    And of course, my heart goes out to these women, no one no matter what deserves this. I hope that they find some much-needed peace and healing. It is terrifying how easy it is for people to take advantage of others. I hope this sick, poor excuse for a man will have to pay for this. Thank you so much for posting this story. We need more people to recognize how bad the rape problem is so it can change.

  • 46RayCharles2

    “Lowlife Predator.” Theirs waiting for you in the joint…

  • Dom

    I’ve personally had great luck both buying and selling legitimate gear from legitimate local photographers through craigslist. Far better than paying more, or being paid less by a shop which then turns around and marks it up ridiculously high. Sure there are mischievous and even bad people that utilize the site, but a little common sense goes a long way. With photographic gear, any halfway competent photographer will ask questions that most any other photographer would have a bit of knowledge to be able to answer. If the answers are obviously returned vaguely, its probably best to skip it. Pay and be paid in cash, and always meet in a very public place.

    As to this particular story, I’m sorry for the women involved, and hope it provides others with a cautionary story to plant in the backs of their minds. As a new parent, I will make sure my kids will be brought up to recognize situations that require caution and hope they’re not taken advantage of. There are horrible people out there, but in most situations, they are very avoidable.

  • james

    his mugshot is a nice photograph

  • Rob S

    Excellent advice.

  • Jen

    Criminals posing as photographers, and harm done to customers interested in arranging some photography, is RELATED TO PHOTOGRAPHY. Be aware, as a photographer, that such things have happened. Maybe consider how an offer to shoot some shots of a girl you’ve just met might be taken wrong…

  • omgwhat

    Hes a guy from Chaturbate!

  • Antonio Carrasco

    huh, usually it’s the photographer that gets f-cked when booking gigs through Craigslist