Cardboard Leica Replica Symbolizes Our Unhealthy Relationship with Technology


For his project “Ordinary Behavior,” illustrator and product designer Kevin Lck wanted to explore the relationship between humans and the technology that is devouring our souls has become such a large part of our lives. To do so, he chose five household objects and set about creating special cardboard replicas.

One of those objects (although it doesn’t exactly quality as a “household object”) was a Leica M3, and his black and white rendition is impressive even before you turn it around.


Once you do turn it around, however, you realize how Lck chose to illustrate our sometimes unhealthy bond to technology. The front, top and bottom of the Leica are all crafted to look as realistic as possible — but when you get to the back, you’ll notice a tiny room where the film should be.


[The objects] appear to be everyday electronic appliances and devices that can be found in our domestic environment, however, their interiors are modified into miniaturized human scaled space. I seek to detach the audience from the real world temporarily, provide them with a space to rethink and reconsider the way we behave and think about the relationship between ourselves, objects and environment with technology in a more conscious way.

In addition to the Leica, Luk also crafted a microwave, television, iPhone and computer/keyboard/plug combo. To see them all, head over to his website and browse the photos under the links for Objects 0 through 6 on the left-hand side.

(via tokyo camera style via Leica Rumors)

Image credits: Photographs by Kevin Luk

  • Ivan

    “tiny room where the LCD-covered innards should be”. What LCD? Isn’t that supposed to be a film Leica? I guess seeing LCD everywhere illustrates our “unhealthy bond to technology” :-)

  • DLCade

    Our mistake, we’ve gone ahead and fixed the text :) Thank you for pointing that out!

  • junyo

    Commentary about our “unhealthy relationship with technology”… that has it’s own website. No doubt an old timey steam powered powered website.

    Whenever I hear some neo-Luddite complaining about technology I fervently pray that a time machine gets invented and that I can toss them in and let them spend a year in the 12th century. Only people with access to indoor plumbing, modern medicine, and a safe food supply complain about technology.

  • Monteraz

    If either of us invent time travel, we, instead of going to the 12th century, agree that our first stop will be this petapixel post five seconds from now.

  • DamianM

    Technology is wonderful in certain aspects I.E. medicine
    But other technology is relatively meaningless

  • ms

    But, come on….a Leica M3?! That is some beautiful technology that was created by craftsmen.

  • Alan Dove

    Art works a lot better when artists don’t try to write lengthy rationalizations of it.

  • phoebidas

    My M3 doesn’t have an LCD screen, perhaps I missed the firmware update…I think the fact that the “LCD” innards have been replaced by an artist’s easel suggests that the camera itself is a work of art and is used to create works of art, I’m not sure the technology argument/interpretation holds at all since the M3 is beautifully simple

  • Burnin Biomass

    A brush and canvas were technology to the caveman.

  • clipper

    Papercraft kits – as printable pdf files – of the Canon Canonflex, AE-1 & EOS 5D MkII were available at one time, to celebrate Canon SLR 50th Anniversary, back in 2009 ….. probably find them via Google.