iOS 7 Brings Overhauled Photos App With Filters, Sorting, and Sharing

ios7 screencap photos 1

Apple has just concluded the WWDC 2013 Keynote in San Francisco, and they’ve announced the next iteration of their ever-so-popular mobile operating system, iOS 7.

Amongst all of the announced changes is perhaps one of interest to the photo lovers out there. The revamping of the stock Photos application that we’ve all come to know so well.

The changes allow users to also shoot with a square-style crop, apply live filters to photos, and yes, still access the panorama feature.

ios 7 photos screen 2

Most notably is the introduction of a feature called “moments”, which is essentially an organizational system that pretty much does all the work for you. Users will see their images bundled into groups by event in the ‘Collections’ section of Photos. So those photos you took from that weekend trip to Yosemite? They’re bundled into a “moment”.

ios 7 photos screen 3

For an overall look at your pictures, they’re sorted by year (finally) in what looks to be a mosaic. Users can run their finder to ‘scrub’ through the images, so it looks like finding that picture you took a while back will be easy as cake.

Sending photos to friends nearby will be as easy as using ‘Airdrop’, which lets you select nearby users and transmit the photo (and other files) without hassle.

ios 7 photo filters

Don’t get too excited yet.¬†Only developers have access as of now. The public version of iOS 7 doesn’t hit mobile devices until Autumn of this year.

(via The Verge)

  • peter

    The iOs new design is completely hideous. This atrocity alone will probably make me think of changing to another brand. The only problem is that there isn’t any alternatives really.

  • Robert Mark

    The new iOS design is spectacular. This alone will probably keep me from considering another brand. No problems here!

  • Fernando Callo

    Android and WP

  • woof

    Oh cool, so that steaming pile of pictures that have to be in the one folder and can have copied organized under it, yet still maintain the big steaming pile of photos can now be grouped!?? How outlandishly and utterly deliciously last decade is that?

  • JayyFinlayson

    The new iOS in my opinion looks like the Windows Phone OS

  • terje

    Funny it would keep you from considering another brand. iOS 7 makes iOS look like a copy of Windows Phone 8, but with less features and inferior execution. Apple, the ultimate #copycat.

  • terje

    Apple is desperately trying, but ultimately failing, to copy Windows Phone. Since WP is not just collection of disjointed apps, but a well-designed service architecture, Apple will probably have to play catch-up for another 3-5 years to reach the kind of functionality built in to Windows Phone.

    It’s quite shocking that the meager offerings in iOS 7 over iOS 6 is all that Apple have to show for what will amount to at least one year of development.

  • Robert Mark

    My reply to @peter used a literary convention known as “sarcasm”. You see, I paraphrased the original poster’s comment, in very similar words and style, to draw attention to his quick rush to judgment and hyperbole.

  • Adam Cross

    completely agree, it’s a like a mash-up of all the other brands’ operating systems, it doesn’t look like Apple anymore, Steve wouldn’t be happy