Deliver Your Client’s Photos in Style With These Car-Inspired Flash and Hard Drives


Here’s a cool product that could help the car photographers out there leave a memorable impression and turn first-time clients into repeat customers. Made by Flashrods, these car-shaped hard drives and flash drives are the perfect way to deliver the final photos to your clients in style.

From the Back to the Future Delorean to Lamborghinis, Ferraris and vintage hot rods, Flashrods creates storage solutions in the shape of collectible 1:18 scale model cars. Commercial photographer Douglas Sonders over at Fstoppers gives them out as gifts when he delivers his files to customers.


Storage solution options from Flashrods range from an 8GB Corvette for $24 to a 1TB 67′ Mustang ‘Eleanor’ (as seen in Gone in 60 Seconds) for $375. Of course, you probably won’t want to splurge on the hard drives unless you’re dealing with a really big client, but a $24 flash drive like this might just give your new client a reason to call you instead of the other guy the next time they need some photos taken.

Here are a few of Flashrods’ flash drives:





Obviously, you don’t have to be a car photographer to like these or to use this idea. Novelty flash drives can be found in shapes ranging from digital cameras, to burgers, to Batman’s torso. The idea is to get creative and leave your clients with an impression they won’t soon forget. If that means loading your big corporate client’s files on a 750GB Delorean with train wheels … so be it.

Head over to Flashrods’ website to see their entire selection of cool car-inspired storage devices.

(via Fstoppers)

  • bob cooley

    Great idea – why not show up to potential clients with your portfolio in a Justin Bieber trapper-keeper! Great way to look unprofessional to your clients. Presentation is important.

    “The idea is to get creative and leave your clients with an impression they won’t soon forget.”

    – If someone left their work with me on a Batman Torso flash drive, It would definitely leave me with an impression that I wouldn’t soon forget, and it wouldn’t be a good one.

  • Sascha Rheker

    Sounds like perfect for people who have to bribe someone to get booked again…

  • Froggy

    You’re right, presentation is important and to be totally honest you sound like somebody who is quite behind the times. You’re not still delivering your images on CD are you? God I hope not.

    Now for the right job and client, a custom flash drive makes great sense. Imagine you just shot some automobile shots for a client, than delivered it on of these. Yes, it makes a great impression.