Leaked Photographs Purportedly Reveal Camera-Centric Nokia ‘EOS’ Phone

Nokia EOS Camera 1

Leaked images from GSM Arena and a Twitter user of what could very well be Nokia’s next flagship mobile phone reveal yet another camera-centric device with a high-capacity sensor.

That device, the Nokia EOS, is purportedly sporting a PureView image sensor, xenon flash unit, and Carl Zeiss optics.

It’s not the first, either. Nokia has already released their 808 PureView device with a 41-megapixel sensor, perhaps making these go-to devices for the picture-obsession consumer.

Nokia EOS Camera 2

Nokia EOS Camera 3

The camera module, which is the prime reason for the rather large bulge on the rear of the unit, is rumored to snap 41-megapixel imagery. Some might find the bulge to be ugly or unwieldy.

It is, however, important to remember that taking such high-resolution pictures requires a large sensor, which translates to an overall larger camera module. According to CNET, it is estimated that “you could fit at least eight 8-megapixel [traditional camera] modules into the PureView’s 41-megapixel camera module.”

Nokia EOS Camera 4

That’s a line no other mobile phone manufacturer has been able to cross to date. By comparison, Apple’s iPhone 5 is capable of shooting 8-megapixel pictures.

It’s certainly a milestone when it comes to mobile phone cameras, but of course, the leaked images shouldn’t be taken as the real deal until Finland-based Nokia drops the official word on the device. Until then, the 808 retains its crown as Nokia’s high-megapixel beast.

(via GSM Arena via Engadget)

  • Old Nokia Fan

    Nokia has some sort of delusion that they are a camera company instead of a phone company. So sad!

  • Igor Ken

    well, they were the number one phone company, then bam! last place. this is way more sad ..

  • tonyl

    windows phone is actually very good from my experience. The range of apps is the main downfall at the moment. Only blackberry and windows phone have the security features to be used in business. This camera looks like a genuine compact camera replacement as long as the software running it is good.
    There is no strong reason to change to Windows phone as all the operating systems do the same job now for most uses. Having a camera like this will get people to change to Nokia and Windows Phone. This must be the goal.
    I have a Lumia 920 and it is a very good phone. The camera in the 920 is not as good in real life as promised but this new camera promises to deliver.