Black-and-White Photos That Capture the Feeling of Winter Mornings in Montreal


Lightly falling snow and rain, silent figures walking on sidewalks, a chilly breeze, and the quiet breeze. Those are some of the things captured by photographer Julien Coquentin for his project “Early Sunday Morning.” Between 2010 and 2012, Coquentin shot photographs documenting the feeling of winter mornings in the city of Montreal, Canada.

Coquentin, a 37-year-old photographer living in Lassouts, France, didn’t begin taking pictures until 2007. During the two years in which he shot “Early Sunday Morning,” he worked as a male nurse in the emergency room of a large hospital in Montreal.

As with many photography enthusiasts, he decided to keep a daily photographic journal of things he saw in his city. Although he tirelessly photographed many different aspects of Montreal, Coquentin says that the things that stick out the most in his memory are the feelings, moods, and sensations he felt during the early winter mornings when he was leaving his graveyard shift:

I left the hospital, impregnated with the smell and the mood of others, the icy cold outside had killed any perfume. I remember the empty and white boulevards, and a snow falling gently, silently. I loved photographing these moments.

Those moments he captured while paying careful attention to light, shadows, and framing. Here is a selection of the photographs in “Early Sunday Morning.”



















The title of Coquentin’s project is borrowed from Edward Hopper’s painting of the same name.

You can find more photographs from the series (including color ones) over on Coquentin’s website.

  • Oliver Kealey

    Beautiful, moody, lovely :)

  • tonyc0101

    LOVE his use of shadows…and the the black & white.

  • Jones

    What a beautiful set of B/W photographs. I love sitting back, just enjoying the pictures and let them talk. Thanks PP for posting!

  • Andrew

    Nice pics – but only a handful of those images seem to be taken in winter – we don’t have leaves on the trees in January and it’s typically a $#!^load of snow falling – not rain :)

  • Henri

    Beautiful black and whites!

  • just some person

    “he worked as a male nurse”

    Is that profession different than just “nurse”?

    I know I’m being picky on a completely unrelated topic but there are a lot of gender biases and stereotypes that will only get better if we first acknowledge them.

  • 4dmaze

    Really nice. The last is kind of scary with the tiny girl in the corner…

  • mwaage

    Beautiful images. There’s always something wonderfully moody about black and white photography!

  • Mark

    I believe that it’s actually a Hassidic boy. Some of the last images show Hassidic Jews in MontrĂ©al.

  • Andre DF

    If you’ve ever had to wait for a bus in Montreal in winter, it certainly does not look as dreamy and serene as the third to last. Much more …despair and hopelessness…But nice work, I like it.