Users Take to the Flickr Feedback Forum to Voice Displeasure with the Redesign


After Yahoo! announced and implemented its major Flickr redesign, the company invited users to give their feedback on Flickr’s help forum. Of course, the company was probably hoping for constructive feedback — as in questions and polite suggestions. What it got instead was a tidal wave of negative comments bashing the new layout and, in some cases, the staff themselves.

The request for feedback started innocently enough. Flickr’s Community Manager Thea Lamkin got on and offered up the Help forum as a place where “questions, concerns, suggestions, and other non-bug related comments” could be voiced and responded to:


Two hundred and eighty-three pages later, it became clear that users were neither happy nor shy about sharing how they felt. Some users got on and voiced their concerns in a polite way, asking that they be given a toggle option that would allow them to use the old layout instead.

Others took a more direct approach, calling the changes everything from “messy” to “awful” to “freaking hideous.” Certain comments, deemed inappropriate and/or offensive by the staff, lead to the following update:


The concern here is that the overwhelmingly negative response points to more than the typical dissatisfaction a company expects when making a major change. Yahoo! no doubt expected that the new layout would take “some getting used to,” and some photographers have come out in defense of the redesign, but if the complaints don’t die down soon, Flickr may have a real problem on its hands.

Is this just the standard response to major changes that will slowly die off as users acclimate to the new layout? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. For now, let us know what you think about Flickr’s new look by logging your answer in the poll down below:

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Update: Here’s what Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield had to say on Twitter about the redesign:


  • Julian Robinson

    Ipernity is good-looking to most of us, and works very well for what it does. Unfortunately it is still missing some of the better functions of old flickr eg images in comments, collections of sets etc, and it still has a small user base. I’d need some of the better features before moving, but would be glad to move if and when they get them because the community there is as likeable if not even more so than the flickr community.

  • Ormetkruper

    I have been a flickr member since 2006 and pro from 2007. Flickr was in need for a new design but this one was the worst they could do. I have little hope of some changes. That I dislike most are the lack of personal settings of the design, they are all gone. You canĀ“t do anything to it. The photostream is a endless mess. All sets also a mess with no possibility to arrange the order. The first page shows one of my contacts photos as big as it can be on my screen. My friends wonder whats happend to my photos. My visits has gone down to almost none since the new design.

    If this persist with no personal settings in the layout I will leave Flickr soon and find a new place. I “only” have about 680 photos on flickr but it will take me some hours to move them to a new place.
    So thank you so much Flickr for messing my photos up. Thats the reward for being a pro member for years.

  • Hmm

    Right click protection has never prevented the downloading of images – only perhaps made it more inconvenient. If someone can view an image they can always get a copy of it.

  • Nick Hillman

    Can not find a way to and pic to group s ,I know it can be done ,just spent 1 hour looking !will not pay when my year is up

  • Maji

    The new awesome flickr is really a mess… can’t figure out what is awesome about it… other than it being awful now. Maybe it is awesomely awful.

    The casual photographers, that Flickr was initially designed for, has gradually moved to FB and the likes. There they don’t find the 200 pic limit and also their family and friends hang around there. Flickr is trying to attract those users back but I don’t think they will come back to Flickr for 1 TB image storage because their friends and family are still there in FB!!!

    So, Flickr which was increasingly being used by serious photographers are left with this mishmash and a very very buggy site. To make matters worse, the customer service is almost non existent. They even ban you if you dare to criticize them too much!!!!

    I hope Flickr/Yahoo management realizes the mess they have created and makes changes by offering options to the users. The ones who want the old Flickr can choose it and the ones who want the new awesome Flickr should be able to choose it too.

  • fourmilestretch

    This “new change” is THE most horrible thing I’ve seen in many years and I’m 60.
    There is exactly nothing good about it.

  • Morseman

    It’s horrible. I still don’t like it after trying to get used to it. Flickr – I’m now an ex-user.

  • powoif

    used flickr for several years, tried using the new layout and hated it instantly, will not be using it anymore. suprised at how they’ve managed to completely destroy the site over night

  • Bombarak

    It’s very bad , i dont like it

  • Stephen Weir

    I absolutely hate the new Flickr.
    It’s like going into an art gallery where all the paintings are joined together without any separation.
    It is not the work of anyone with the slightest artistic or photographic sensibility.
    Epic Fail

  • David G

    I love how spurious this claim is.