Beautiful Black and White Photos of The Basilica of the Sagrada Família


A couple of weeks ago, we shared some great wide-angle captures by photographer Clement Celma of architect Antoni Gaudi’s famous La Sagrada Família. An architectural marvel, the photos showed how the basilica is as stunning inside as it is outside.

Swiss photographer Cyril Bays‘ photos of La Sagrada give us another straight-up look at the incredible design of the basilica, only Bays’ photos make a different point: La Sagrada Família is as beautiful in black and white as it is in color.

Bays’ career began in the world of graphics for newspapers and magazines, and he believes this experience provided him with indispensable contacts, all the while giving him invaluable insight into how public perception is shaped by imagery.

He’s now left the world of “information,” as he calls it, diving head-first into personal photo, video and graphics projects instead. These photos are one such project. Titled simply “La Sagrada Família,” the series is his way of capturing “the perfection of [Antoni Gaudi’s] genius”:












Bays urges everyone to go and see this amazing architectural gem for themselves. But if you’re not quite up for that just yet, you can choose instead to see more of Bays’ work by heading over to his website here.

Image credits: Photographs by Cyril Bays and used with permission.

  • johnfelicejohn

    Pretty normal shots that any of us can make. S.F.’s nice. Of course those shots were taken by a pro photographer so it’s pretty normal to have some buzz…..But just normal photos, with not so good light in my opinion.

  • Richard

    I love these, they’re wonderful. Thanks for posting them.

  • gtsomething

    Some more actual information about the Basilica might’ve made these photos more interesting or meaningful…

    It started construction in 1882 and is expected to be completed between 2026-2028… it’s the worlds longest ongoing construction project in history.

  • friv

    very nice. I will find color photos, thanks

  • orangeball

    Not quite correct. Cologne Cathedral has been under construction since 1248 (…

  • Monteraz

    We spanish appreciate the good intent, but it is just “Familia”, without any accent ;).

  • Monteraz

    Not quite correct. Cologne construction halted in XV century, nothing was done for 400 years, and then was decided to be ended in the XIX century, being completed between 1840 and 1880, and then again repaired in 1956 after WWII. Now the building is complete. So it is accurate that SF is the worlds longest ongoing construction project in modern history (but not in History, not only Cologne, many cathedrals and historical buildings took more time than SF). .

  • Márk Tasnádi

    When i was there, than the security man told me, that i cant use a tripod… So i closed one of the legs, and i got a duopod, and the man again came and told me, i can’t use a tripod, and i told him it’s a duopod, after this he left…:D But i don’t really understand, why can’t i use a tripod, or duo or monopod. If somebody has a crutch than he can’t use it????

  • lnoseda

    Actually in Catalán it is correct with the accent ;)

  • Monteraz

    It is not punctuated in spanish, what I said is right, look at he same link you bring. I am sorry but I dont know the local language.

  • Juegos Friv

    It is the art

  • Simon wardenier

    Are you kidding me? These shots look okay, but the mindblowing colours you get in there through the windows are what make it great. Such a shame…

  • Friv

    Wow! they’re wonderful. Thanks for posting.

  • Xondra

    Familia is not accentuated in Spanish, OP!

  • friv 2 friv 3 friv 4

    It is not punctuated in spanish, what I said is right, look at he same
    link you bring. I am sorry but I dont know the local language.