Video: Mall Cop and Woman Fight Over Picture-Taking on Mall Property

This video recently uploaded to the web is making its rounds showing a mall security officer fiercely shouting at a group of curious citizens for taking pictures and videos. (Warning: It contains some violence and strong language)

The fiasco erupted after a semi truck plummeted into a ravine nearby the Ohio Valley Mall when a mall cop identifying herself as “Officer Adams” began demanding the onlookers discontinue taking pictures and erase the images.

Mall cop fight

“Put the camera away and erase the pictures,” she shouted, also demanding the individuals leave what she called “mall property”. At one point, the officer threatened to take the onlookers’ cameras. The officer counts to ten with the expectation the onlookers would skedaddle, but when the time expires, she declares, “Guess what? I’m pressing charges on y’all.”

Things escalate quickly when the onlookers mostly ignore the security officer’s demands and question her authority. The officer eventually loses her cool and lays her hands on one woman in the group, at which point, a full-fledged brawl ensues. It takes the arrival of another citizen to finally defuse the situation.

Many shopping centers dictate that on-premise photography is strictly forbidden, but the subjects in the video seem more interested in what’s going on in the ravine below, which raises the question: what’s the big deal?

(via The Global Dispatch and PINAC)

Update: The mall cop has reportedly been fired from her job over this incident.

  • pete n pete

    Seems like someone was feeling like a big shot that day.

    I’ve worked in a mall. Per the rules of the one I worked in, you couldn’t take pictures of the mall itself (fixtures, store signs, etc), or people without their permission, but if your kid was on the merry-go-round, they had no problem with that.

    Tell Paulina Blart to chill out.

  • Michael Bassett

    Cops and Guards should only be if they could without the badge.

    This stupid “guard” should of lost her job, she couldn’t physically or mentally do anything to these people. Should of left them alone or asked them nicely to leave and/or not take picture 2 times calmly then call the police to have them dispersed.

  • Jack Herer

    Respectful? Maybe in the sanitized tourist areas. Have you ever heard of what the government does to its own people such as Falun Gong practitioners? How about the Tiananmen Square massacre? Sounds like a wonderful place

  • Jack Herer

    Have you ever tried to break up two grown women fighting? It’s a dangerous task. Those people had nothing to do with what was happening, it wasn’t their responsibility to intervene

  • Brad

    actually its exactly like that. it is a privately owned shopping center that allows public access. just because they allow you access they don’t have to allow you take photo’s.

  • PK4U

    as the saying goes dont start it if you cant finish it!

  • Daniel Felder

    A. She can’t say she’s Officer Whatever. She has to call herself Security Officer, not just officer. That’s Impersonating a Police Officer.

    B. If everyone just stepped over the rail, they would have been completely off Mall Property, and Security would have nothing to say.

    C. That security officer needs to arrested for assault and fired. She didn’t keep a cool head, and let her emotions rule her actions.

  • R.S.

    She already got fired lol

  • Sherry Powers

    I’m more concerned that someone had a lightsaber.

  • Alex Cherry

    I think you’re an idiot. I don’t have a dislike for authority – I have a dislike of absurd policies. Why can’t people take pictures or video in a mall? Who does it harm?

    I vote with my dollar.

  • ali


  • boby

    the biker is extreamly hot

  • Joe

    Wasn’t that a city street or at least right-of-way? It’s no different than someone walking through an alley or on a sidewalk if true. She’s actually lucky that she didn’t spray anyone with pepper spray, legally. That video shows a lack of training rigor/discipline.

  • Joe

    Most (All? Never seen one that didn’t…) places I’ve seen won’t let you even have so much as a water gun if you’re not an actual law enforcement officer. If they have guns, they likely actually are police, just off-duty or retired. By ‘place’, I mean security company. Badges and uniforms are for obvious reasons. They tell you specifically which contractor they’re employed by.

  • Joe

    Cop: To grab someone. Or someone who grabs someone. I guess TK used that definition? ;)

  • Joe

    There are some asinine enough to do it… With real ‘Authoritah’, even.

  • Joe

    So now the thieves use hidden cameras and keep on trucking? Yay for uselessness!

  • Joe

    Reminds me of people who didn’t want the public using (legally public-access) beaches couldn’t legally put up fences that prevented boats from reaching them, so they got it made illegal for ANYBODY to swim there. Or of the fence wars in Texas. Farmers and ranchers… This is an old conflict.

  • Joe

    Should see all the video footage of that recent meteor strike in Russia. Everyone it seems, has cameras mounted on their cars in case the police accuse them of something? :P

  • Joe

    I have a right to order you to believe in the tooth fairy. Doesn’t mean you have to comply or that my words have even the slightest bit of real authority. That’s what the legal system and cultural norms are for.

  • Joe

    Ah, yeah, that’s what I meant. “Just because someone says it, doesn’t mean you have to do it.”

  • Joe

    I think you’ll find that the constitution says all of nothing about this, other than possibly aspects of the 1st and 10th amendments.

  • Joe

    Yeah, just tell them that they don’t want to still be there refusing to leave, when the police arrive. That usually works pretty well, I’d imagine! Even if you just have to go through an interview then go on your way, it takes time you’d rather not spend talking to someone who might find a reason to arrest you.

  • Wolfgang_Zimmerman

    Not a cop, a security guard, that’s what I was trying to say.

  • ZombieProcesses

    Joe: Exactly.

  • James76

    the officer just doing her job.. If I’m the owner of that property I don’t think I should allow someone to take a picture on my property that’s privacy…

  • ungava

    Why is it that no one questions perpy mall cameras everywhere? Why is it ok ethically for them to take my picture but tell me I can not take theirs? (I do not accept their ethics) OR swing it the other way and strip search everyone coming into any mall anywhere; line ‘em up, and confiscate all their cell phones, purses, cameras, well, all of everything they came with.

  • spacehouse

    Over and over again you guys say “its the rules, so obey”. Do you weak-ass ‘merrycains just obey everything someone calls a “rule”? Without question? Like sheeple? That’s not how it works in Europe: if you make a rule and enforce it you got to have a good reason, and you’ve got to be prepared to back it up in court – cos someone WILL challenge you legally. Especially if its a rule that curtails your liberty to behave reasonably and in a way that doesn’t harm others.

  • Jason Livingston

    Great morning read!