PhotoExif Helps You Record EXIF Data for Film Photos On the Go


One of the advantages of digital photography is having information about how each photo was shot embedded within the photograph’s file itself. This EXIF data is something photographers commonly jot down in notebooks as they walk around and shoot with their analog cameras.

Photographer Oriol Garcia wanted a better solution than manually writing down shot times and details. Since most people have smartphones now, why not make an extremely easy to use app that can document the info of every photograph taken? He ended up creating an app called PhotoExif that can do just that.


The iOS app helps you record information such as camera, lens, shutter speed, aperture, and GPS coordinates.

Instead of having to enter those details in manually character by character and number by number, the app is optimized for speed.

It allows you to store a catalog of cameras and lenses you use, and has an interface that mimics the design of an SLR camera. You select your lens, aperture, shutter speed, and focal length by simply turning digital sliders and dials:


Once those settings are selected, you can manually enter in some comments if you wish. Pressing the digital shutter button then records the information along with GPS coordinates and time.

Everything is organized into rolls of film. By the time you finish a roll, that roll’s digital counterpart in PhotoExif should have the same number of “exposures” and contain the necessary details for each one.


Tapping an individual roll of film will show you a list of photos you’ve taken:


Once you have your roll of physical film developed, you can easily bake the PhotoExif information directly into those digitized photos. Garcia has create a free companion desktop app called PhotoExifDesktop that applies each frame’s data to each digital frame on your computer:


You can find out more about PhotoExif on its official website, or purchase it for $2 over in the Apple App Store.

  • analogworm

    This could come in handy when i go off with the good old 6by6!
    Does the app allow you to link to photo’s taken with the smartphone for reference when examining the contact sheets?

  • MD

    Exactly my first thought.

    Or even better, the app could include a viewfinder window to frame up a similar shot and store the “sketch” with the exif. Very cool app, in any case.

    P.S. – Long live 6×6!

  • Admiral Kerfluffle

    This is the app I have been looking for, only to find it excludes a majority of smartphone users. Hopefully some of the Android competitors will up their game.

  • Ralph Hightower

    iPhone only!

    I use Exif4Film for my Android. I’d be curious if this app does things different that Exif4Film.

  • Spartak

    Exif4Film on Android has the same set of features and some more on top of it. It has been there long time before this one..And Exif4Film is free.

  • erich

    pencil and paper

  • timo musgrove

    i need a pc and android version :p that way i can have exif data for my contax, and stop carrying that waterproof notebook

  • Joakim Bidebo

    Thanks. I’m not shooting film tho but will use it when I use old MF lenses to store info about lens, focal length, aperture and any use of filter/extension tubes etc…

  • Antonio Carrasco

    This is like putting anti-lock brakes on a horse-drawn carriage…

    Just shoot digital already…

  • K G

    I installed it on my iPhone and was quickly disappointed. Here’s my review in the App Store:

    This app isn’t ready for prime time. 1) Needs to the fastest aperture to correspond to the lens being used, right now you can enter “1” for the f-stop, even though you’re shooting a f2.8 lens. 2) Shutter speeds show up as decimals, e.g 0.001 for 1/1000. 3) Needs step-less shutter speeds like 1/320 4) Need to be able to edit and/or delete single photos. Right now the only choice is to “Develop” then delete the entire roll and start over, not good. 5) Need to be able to start mid-roll. 6) Several spelling errors like “Are you shure?” 7) Film management is frustrating: you can’t have a film that isn’t associated with a camera. What? 8) Would be nice to customize the min-max direction on shutter speed dial and aperture ring to correspond to camera/lens model. Right now the shutter speed dial is like a Nikon, but the aperture ring is like a Leica. (Like a Leica. lol)

    I hope there are updates soon, because this is a great idea.

  • jsl

    the apps crashed. i can’t even use it?