High Speed Photo Series of Liquids and ‘Stuff’ Flying Through the Air


You don’t have to be high-brow to put together a creative photo series; you don’t even need to travel the deserts of Tunisia. Sometimes, all you need is a container full of something, the willingness to toss it in the air, and the skill to capture the result. That’s what Belgium-based photographer Manon Wethly has done, shooting various airborne containers filled with stuff and uploading the resulting pictures to her Instagram account.

Though the subject is, by definition, quite simple, it’s impressive how unique each photo manages to be. All manner of beverages and powders of different colors and consistencies are seen flying out of any given container. Coffee in to-go cups, wine in wine glasses, milk in juice glasses, and flower in bowls all become airborne when they get around Wethly.

Though she experiments with larger cameras and different backgrounds, the majority of the photos are taken with her iPhone against a clear blue or partly cloudy sky. The diversity of the images comes from the direction the container is thrown, the way it’s spinning, and the color of the stuff flying out of it:











Speaking to Junk Culture, Wethly explains:

It is absolutely fascinating to see what kind of shape an object or liquid gets when it is ‘flying.’ Clicking at exact the right second most often brings the most spectacular and surprising results.

To see more airborne beverages, powders, and other objects, head over to Wethly’s blog or follow her on Instagram.

(via Colossal)

Image credits: Photography by Manon Wethly and used with permission.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    The miiiilllk… nooooo

  • Fullstop

    I had to look at all of them.

  • WasteFull

    waste of wine..

  • Michael Crawford-Hick

    I do not think that is popssible with an iphone, please prove me wrong, as the detail in the liquid is far too great. People who do high speed photography take hours to get this in a controlled enviorment. To do this outside and with a very low tech phone – seem impossible. I think it was done in a studio against a green screen, then photoshopped a background on to the photo, as the lighting for the liquid just looks to even for an outside shot in Northern Europe.

    Lets see a video of Welthy in action to show it is done.

  • junyo



  • Bryan Folstad

    I’m guessing cheap wine was used. (Hopefully)

  • James

    I’m amazed that an iPhone can focus and take the exposure quick enough to freeze the liquid like that. My phone would never be able to do that. I thought she was using a DSLR for sure.

  • Vasy Nechay

    some of the have trees in a frame – a bit distracting…

  • BStollman

    This is amazing. I’ve been following her on Instragram for quite some time now and always hoped for her to show up here.

  • kendon

    diversity of images? almost everything is shaped like an arc, imho this is boring after like three images. i know i’ll get bashed for criticizing.

  • London Designer

    No, that’s fair comment but using the word ‘like’ before three is worth comment. Is it something similar to three but not actually three? Or does that like not like matter because like everyone writes in that like way lol ;-)

  • kendon

    not sure i’m not feeding a troll, but you actually don’t have anything more to comment on but my use of the word “like”? should i apologize for not being a native english speaker now?

    in this case it means after “about three”, “circa three”. i was not saying “wow” for the second picture, “awesome” for the third and then “meh” for the fourth. i was just pointing out that this is not really fascinating over a longer series of images.

    now please, point out my formal errors while using colloquial writing in the commenting section of photo blog. it really makes you stand out in the crowd.