What Modern Cameras Might Look Like if Dug Out of the Ground in 100 Years


What will future generations think of the cameras we’re using these days? What will the cameras look like to them? Japanese artist Maico Akiba has a project titled “100 Years Later” that imagines what various modern commonplace objects might look like if rediscovered by people a century later. Among the objects are a number of cameras.

Since we have well preserved cameras from way more than a hundred years ago, a better description for Akiba’s camera sculptures might be: “What cameras might look like if they were dug out of the ground in a humid location 100 years later.”

The cameras (and smartphone) in the series are covered with brown rust/corrosion, and have green moss growing on them.

So far, the project doesn’t feature any mainstream (standalone) digital cameras: the cameras that are featured are a Polaroid instant camera, a built-it-yourself plastic 35mm camera, an iPhone, and a Lomo toy camera.







You can find the entire series of sculptures over on Akiba’s website.

100 Years Later by Maico Akiba (via Co.Create)

Image credits: Photographs by Maico Akiba and used with permission

  • UMPGF5

    looks like a typical nikon…. i heard they have a dust problem…

  • Keith Murray

    I don’t get it….why not just actually bury the bloody things and dig them up….its not so fascinating….

  • jon

    someone has too much free time

  • Norshan Nusi

    Mossy mossy?

  • Nick P

    Yeah – considering the Apple owners out there often complain their battery doesn’t last much more than a day, I doubt the iPhone dug out of the ground after 100 years is still going to have a working screen!

  • stupidpost

    I was about to say that…….

  • Burnin Biomass

    Is that rust on a plastic camera?

  • DamianM

    I’m tired of post of cameras turning around to photograph cameras.

  • Jackie Murray

    I don’t really dig it

  • Rob S

    that was soooo last year. I can get two days of hard use no problem. iOS 6 does a great job of power management and they fixed the issue of wifi draining your battery if you were out of signal range.

    That said, no chance you could make it 100 years even on airplane mode :)

  • Ronald Adam Schettino

    The Polaroid Pronto 2000’s outer shell is made entirely from plastic … It could not be covered in rust :-/